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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Swimming Pool Enclosure?

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There are many reasons to build a swimming pool enclosure. You may need added safety or security to keep your young children or pets away from the pool. You may want the protection from bugs and insects, or you might prefer a pool enclosure over a pool cover for keeping the pool clean while still being able to swim in it. There is a broad range of prices for a pool enclosure depending on what style and features you choose. Here are a few factors that will affect the cost of building a pool enclosure.

Permanent or Portable?

A pool enclosure can be a permanently constructed greenhouse-type structure or simply an inflatable bubble canopy that can come down at any time. Permanent structures are considerably more expensive than the portable type, but offer a lot more as well. A permanent enclosure can add value and beauty to your home, while the portable or removable type of pool enclosure is for utility only.

Seasonal or Year-Round?

You can build a year round pool enclosure with glass or plexiglass panels so that the pool is always protected rain or shine all year. Or you can build a seasonal enclosure that has a framework with mesh or screen panels for keeping the bugs away. The year round variety will be more expensive, but will also make swimming year round possible. You can also build more of a "pool house" for a larger investment, which will turn your outdoor pool into an indoor structure.

Enclosure Extras

You can get as simple or as elaborate as you want with a pool enclosure. You can build a full blown pool house with heat electricity, changing rooms and seating areas. You can build pool enclosures with retractable roofs and awnings or a glass roof though which you can see the stars. A pool enclosure can be as simply or complicated as you want to make it and for that reason it can be as affordable or as expensive as well!


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