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How Much Do Awnings Cost To Install?

Typical Range: $1,385 - $4,109

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January 25, 2021

Reviewed by Robert Tschudi, Home Building & Remodeling Expert.
Written by HomeAdvisor.

Awning Installation Cost

Installing an awning costs $2,702 on average, or between $1,385 and $4,109. Expect to pay between $250 and $3,500 for the canopy alone. Retractable awnings cost between $2,000 and $3,500 including installation. Compare quotes from awning installers near you for the best price.

Awnings offer shade or and shelter for an outdoor area. They're typically built over a window, door or patio. Installing an awning is a terrific addition to any outdoor space, increasing its use even in adverse weather.

While it's not too difficult to install, a reputable professional can improve the process. A pro can recommend the best choice for your home and your needs, and installation should go quickly. Hiring an expert will increase the cost to install an awning by $100 to $400.

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National Average $2,702
Typical Range $1,385 - $4,109
Low End - High End $400 - $6,798

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Awning Price List by Type

The product itself will cost between $250 and $3,500. That wide range has to do with the many types of awning available. A small canvas canopy has a much lower price than a large, motorized alternative.

Awning Price by Type
Canvas$300 - $700
Metal$250 - $800
Non-Rollup$250 - $500
Manual Retractable$500 - $1,500
Mechanical/Motorized$2,000 - $3,500
Portable$100 - $400

Canvas Fabric

Canvas awnings cost between $300 and $700. The material is durable and can add some decoration as well as shade. It offers the most customization of all options above, through various shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. But if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions, it might not be able to withstand the additional weight of rain or snow. Canvas works best above windows and smaller patios.


The cost to install an awning made out of metal are priced from $250 to $800. It tends to be stronger than canvas and lasts longer. The downside is that there will be less visual customization possibilities compared to canvas. Aluminum and other metals work well for larger spaces, such as doors and patios.

Non-Rollup Awnings

Non-retractable products range between $250 and $500. They can be canvas or metal and are common above windows and doors. The upside is a low price. The downside is a lack of flexibility. Once you install this product, you will not be able to adjust it depending on the weather.

Retractable: Manual

Retractable canopies without any motorization range from $500 to $1,500. These canopies roll or fold up, depending on weather and preference. They're especially useful for patios, using either canvas or metal.

Retractable: Mechanical or Motorized

Retractable awnings that can retract automatically cost between $2,000 and $3,500. For many products, sensors figure out if the canopy needs to pull back dynamically based on the weather. Motorized options exist for both canvas or metal units.

This added functionality comes with a higher price tag. But if you live in an area with inclement weather, then it might extend the life of your canopy. You can eventually save money but need to decide if it's worth the initial investment.


The simplest option is a portable awning, which costs $100 to $400. These do not need installation but can simply stand where you need them. They're not as solid and are best for temporary use on patios and decks.

Consult with a Pro When Choosing an Awning

SunSetter Prices

SunSetter products range from $800 to $2,500. This brand offers larger, retractable units made of canvas. SunSetter does not install their own products but works directly with local certified dealers to help homeowners. All canopies come with a 5-year limited warranty.


Sunesta is similar to SunSetter in price and type, offering retractable canvas patio awnings between $700 and $3,000. It offers more variety, including window and door options. A 5-year warranty is standard for all units and extends to 10 years for some high-end products.

Other Top Brands

Canopy Product and Installation Prices by Size
Typical SizePurposeTotal Cost
31 in x 24 indoor/window$200 - $500
44 in x 36 indoor/window$240 - $500
56 in x 48 indoor/window$400 - $700
8 ft x 210 ftpatio/deck$250 - $2,000
10 ft x 10 ftpatio/deck$300 - $2,500
10 ft x 20 ftpatio/deck$700 - $3,000
15 ft x 15 ftpatio/deck$600 - $2,600
15 ft x 20 ftpatio/deck$800 - $3,500

Average Awning Installation Costs

In addition to the product itself, actual installation will cost between $175 and $450. Per square foot, expect to pay $6 to $9. This includes hiring a professional, including potentially an electrician for the motor. A simple awning takes about one hour to install. A more complex retractable project may take up to five hours.

Patio vs. Deck vs. Window

The price for window and door canopies can go as low as $100 and caps at $400. These are simple products, and typically not retractable. They offer permanent shade and privacy.

Patio, porch, and deck awnings are similar in price at $600 to $3,500. They typically attach to your home's exterior wall but can be freestanding for some decks. Consider the possibility of this shading option as you plan for the cost to build a deck and the cost to install a patio.


Per square foot, expect to pay $6 to $9 to install your awning. That price can change depending on the conditions of your home, the material you choose, and the size of space to be covered.

BrandPrice RangeProductsAvg. Warranty
Awntech$250 - $3,500window, patio, retractable, canvas, metal5 years
ALEKO$150 - $700window, patio, retractable, canvas1 year
Beautymark$300 - $2,500window, patio, retractable, canvas, metal5 years
Americana Building Products$500 - $4,000window, patio, retractable, metal5 years

Awning Curtains and other Shading Accessories

Some homeowners opt to install side curtains for added coverage from the sun, which cost $100 to $200. Try to install these as part of the original awning installation to save labor costs. In addition to regular curtains, you can also add mosquito netting, which typically ranges between $100 and $250.

Alternatively, you can opt to enclose your patio costing between $8,500 and $23,000. This is a more permanent option. It adds interior living space while still offering more connection to the outdoors than a regular room.


If you need it, a permit for the installation will cost between $25 and $100. Commercial buildings require a permit for awning installation. The same might be true in some residential areas if the canopy extends across your property line or more than 54 inches beyond your exterior walls.

Talk to your contractor to find out whether you need a permit. Regulations differ by municipality. Talk to your local municipal authority to find out details before you begin the project.

Hire an Awning Installation Professional

Pros & Cons of Adding an Awning to Your House

This type of project comes with some significant benefits. But you will also have to consider potential downsides before starting the installation.


  • Reduced energy costs. Window awnings can reduce solar heat gains in the summer by up to 77%
  • Less damage from sun, rain, and snow on your exterior walls
  • Less damage from UV rays on your furniture, carpets, and curtains
  • Rain shelter for people, sensitive plants, and patio furniture
  • Increased curb appeal for your home


  • Potential to block or limit the view from your windows or patio
  • Less natural light in your home, especially for non-retractable options
  • Limited lifespan, especially for lower-quality canvas products
  • Ongoing maintenance, cleaning, and repair costs

Awning Installation ROI

An awning can add curb appeal to your home, particularly if it is motorized and retractable. However, it does not tangibly raise its value. Its benefits come through some of the advantages mentioned above, such as energy savings.

The Professional Awning Manufacturers Association estimates that this project can save up to $200 per year in air conditioning costs. Decreasing exposure to UV rays can increase the lifespan of your furniture. Given the relatively low price, this return can magnify the impact of your investment.

A canopy is less costly than enclosing your patio. Installing a sunroom, for instance, costs up to $20,000. But the costlier step also results in better ROI. A sunroom raises your home's value by $10,000 and more. All things considered, awnings are a low-cost way to save on energy costs and add living space to your home.

Hire a Pro for Proper Awning Installation

DIY vs. Hiring a Pro

When considering the cost of repairing your awning, you have to consider whether hiring a pro is necessary. For simpler products, you might be able to take on the project yourself. However, you will need to drill into your home's exterior walls, so be sure you know how to find the right spots. Motorized units often require professional installation.

For a DIY project, expect to pay similar prices to the above. However, you will save the $100 to $400 in labor you would otherwise have to pay a pro. Whether or not those savings are significant depends on your comfort and expertise in the installation process.

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