How Much Does It Cost To Install An Awning?

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$1,459 - $4,597

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Updated June 8, 2022

Reviewed by Robert Tschudi, Expert Home Building and Remodeling Contributor.

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The average price for awnings is around $3,009 for both the unit and installation. The price will range from $1,459 and $4,597. Factors impacting the final cost of awning installation include the awning material type, how you’d like to open and close the awning, and the brand you see fit.

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National Average $3,009
Typical Range $1,459 - $4,597
Low End - High End $400 - $8,000

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 2,868 HomeAdvisor members.

Awning Price List by Type

Awning types come down to how you’d like to customize your specific awning. For instance, you can have a non-rollup awning paired with a canvas cover for a stylish appeal. Or, you can opt for a metal awning paired with a motorized retractable option for easier accessibility.

Awning TypeAverage Price Range (Including Installation)
Portable$100 – $400
Non-rollable$450 – $950
Canvas$500 – $1,200
Metal$500 – $1,250
Manual retractable$675 – $1,950
Mechanical/motorized$2,175 – $3,950


Portable awnings cost around $100 to $400. There’s no installation involved, making it convenient for renters and those constantly on the move. However, the downside to these awnings is they require setup every time.


Installing non-rollable awnings is around $450 to $950. These awnings often go above windows or doors and are there to offer extra protection, as well as add a charming aesthetic to your patio or deck.


The cost of a canvas awning is around $300 to $700 for the awning itself. With installation, expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $1,200. Canvas awnings are made of materials ranging from acrylic to cotton, which can be prone to snags and tears. The cost to repair awning fabric is around $750 for complete replacement and $250 for an awning repair pro near you.


Metal awning installations cost around $500 to $1,250. Because they're much more rigid material than canvas, metal awnings tend to hold up against most weather and outdoor elements. The downside is that metal awnings don't have the same visual appeal as the ones listed above.

Manual Retractable

Manual retractable awnings will cost around $675 to $1,950 for installation and materials. As the name indicates, you can manually roll or fold up these awnings to protect them from severe weather or if you’re looking to get some extra sun on a sunny day.


The cost of installing a mechanical retractable awning will range from $2,175 to $3,950. Mechanical, sometimes called motorized, awnings allow you to retract the awning automatically, either through an app, button, or remote. They also often include weather and sunlight sensors to detect when it must pull back or stretch out further.

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Awning Cost by Size

As it goes, the larger the awning, the more material you’re going to pay for. Awnings often come in set sizes if they’re prefabricated, but you may want to order a custom one if you have an unique patio, deck, or window space you want to show off.

Awning SizeAverage Total Price RangeIdeal Location
31” x 24”$200 – $500Door or window
44” x 36”$240 – $500Door or window
56” x 48”$400 – $700Door or window
8’ x 10’$250 – $2,000Patio or deck
10’ x 10’$300 – $2,500Patio or deck
15’ x 15’$600 – $2,600Patio or deck
10’ x 20’$700 – $3,000Patio or deck
15’ x 20’$800 – $3,500Patio or deck

Patio vs. Deck vs. Window Awning Costs

Installing a window or door awning is around $100 to $400. Window and door awnings are often solid awnings, not allowing for any retracting but are relatively easy to install.

Patio, deck, and porch awnings will cost anywhere from $600 to $3,500 for the awning and installation. You can install these awnings on the exterior of the home. Unlike window or door ones, you have the option to install retractable options for patio or deck awnings.

SunSetter Awning Prices

SunSetter, a well-known awning manufacturer, will charge $800 to $2,500 for its units. You’ll find that its products mainly focus on fabric canvas awnings. Keep in mind that when you purchase a SunSetter awning, you’ll need to contact a local installation service since the company doesn’t install the products themselves.

Other Brands

The table below includes other popular awning brands besides SunSetter. As you can see, a five-year warranty is standard for most units, with some extending to 10 years for high-end products.

BrandAverage Price RangeWarranty Lengths
ALEKO$150 – $7001 year
Americana Building Products$500 – $4,0005 years
Awntech$250 – $3,5005 years
Beauty-Mark$300 – $2,5005 years
Sunair$2,000 – $5,0008 years
Sunesta$700 – $3,0008 years

Awning Installation Costs

Labor costs for installing an awning will range from $175 to $450, or around $6 to $9 per square foot. It takes roughly an hour to install an awning, so installation fees are often a flat rate rather than an hourly one. Expect prices in labor to increase if the exterior of your home is tricky to access or install items on, such as if you have large trees blocking backyard visibility. 

Factors Impacting Awning Cost

7 cost factors to install awnings, including type, size, location, and installation

Beyond the brand and type of awning, you’ll need to consider items such as permits, accessories, and whether you want to tackle this project yourself or with a pro.


Some residential areas may require a permit since you’re modifying the exterior of your home, with the cost of a building permit being between $25 to $100. Check your local ordinances about whether you need one.


You may want to add a little of your own custom touches to your awning. Standard accessories you can put onto it include:

  • Curtains: $100–$200

  • Mosquito netting: $100–$250

  • Weatherproof cover: $50–$150

DIY Awning Installation vs. Hiring a Pro

Simple awnings like portable ones are easy to install yourself so long as you have experience with drilling into the exterior of your home. Tools you’ll need include:

  • Ladder

  • Drill

  • Proper drill bit

  • Hammer

For any type of motorized or mechanical awnings, leave the installation to a local awning installation pro.

Pros and Cons of Adding an Awning

While awnings add extra pizazz to your outdoor space, it doesn’t mean they’re without possible faults.

Reduced energy costs; window awnings can reduce solar heat gains in the summer by up to 77%Potential to block or limit the view from your windows or patio
Less damage from the sun, rain, and snow on your exterior wallsLess natural light in your home, especially for non-retractable options
Less damage from UV rays on your furniture, carpets, and curtainsLimited life span, especially for lower-quality canvas products
Rain shelter for people, sensitive plants, and patio furnitureOngoing maintenance, cleaning, and repair costs
Increased curb appeal for your home


Do awnings add value to your home?

Awnings tend to increase your home's curb appeal, and homes with higher curb appeal have a better appraisal value than those without one.

How long do retractable awnings last?

Retractable awnings have a life span of around eight to 15 years. This comes down to weather conditions, proper maintenance, and the type of awning material you own.

Are awnings waterproof?

While awnings may receive specific sealants to help with rain and snow, most aren't waterproof. Opt for a weatherproof cover for your awning, which will cost you around $50 to $150.