How Much Does it Cost to Install a Bathtub?

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Bathtubs make great additions to bathrooms to create a luxurious spa-like space. However, installing a bathtub isn't the easiest project and will require a reputable professional to do the installation.

Bathtub Types

The bathtub itself will be a big part of bathtub installation cost. There are a ton of finishes and types of tubs to choose from, and it's important to think about the whole scheme of the bathroom when making your decision. The least expensive bathtub material is steel, followed by fiberglass. Cast iron is the priciest but holds in heat the best.

Surround Installation

One of the biggest factors in bathtub installation costs is the surrounds. If you're installing a bathtub with an existing tub surround, then it will be more complicated than a new bathroom, and bathtub installation costs will go up. If you're remodeling and adding a new tub, then installation might cause damage to the floor or require cutting a hole into a wall to fit. Also, if your existing tub is smaller than the new one, then bathtub installation costs will go up to make room for the new one. If you're building a new bathroom, the materials you choose for your surround will also determine the price.

Tub Plumbing

If you are replacing your old tub, then there might be plumbing concerns that could raise your bathtub installation cost. If you're upgrading to a larger tub, for example, then your pipes might not be large enough to accommodate the new tub. In a new space, your professional will be able to install the right pipes for the tub you've chosen.

Not Enough Hot Water?

Your new tub might end up taxing your hot water heater. You may need to upgrade your water heater or install a separate one. This will add to your bathtub installation cost but will ensure that you don't break or overtax your water heater.
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