How Much Does it Cost to Install a Sink?

Install a Sink Costs
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The cost to install a sink is pretty straightforward. Depending on how your bathroom or kitchen is already set up and if you want to move your sink, you can pay very little.

Hiring a Plumber

You will need a plumber to do this type of job. If you're keeping your sink in the same place, then the plumber will hook the new sink up to the existing water and drain lines. If you're moving your sink, it will increase the sink installation costs considerably as it will require new plumbing to reach the sink.

Choosing a Sink

The sink itself will be the major cost. There's a wide range of sinks made of various materials and designed in many styles, so it comes down to picking something you like and that fits in your budget.

Measuring Sink Space

Before you pick a new sink, measure the distance from the floor to your drain, as well as the floor to the water supply hoses. Also measure the distance from the supply hoses to the drain. It will help with installation and keep costs down by picking the right sink that will fit your space.

Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal sinks are great options, especially for smaller bathroom spaces. Pedestal sink installation costs depend on the same factors as with any other kind of sink. However, there are some extra considerations. If you're removing the vanity cabinetry of a different kind of sink, then the wall behind it probably isn't as finished as the rest of your bathroom. You would have to paint or wallpaper the area to match the rest of wall, or maybe even redo all of the walls so that it is consistent.
In general, pedestal sink installation costs are similar to other sinks, but the project offers a less cluttered view for small spaces, and can be an easy way to open up a small room. As long you factor in the decorating costs of that small patch of wall, then it should be based on the actual sink you choose plus the installation.


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