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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Bath Fan?

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A bathroom exhaust fan is an essential bathroom device. It helps to clear away excess moisture in the air that can damage paint or loosen tiles. A bathroom fan can also rid your bathroom of bad smells and remove the humidity in the air. There are a few different things that can affect the cost of installing a bathroom fan.

Types of Fans

The largest single cost of installing a new bathroom fan is the price of the fan itself. How much that costs will depend entirely on how elaborate you want to get. You can install a small simple exhaust fan that has no extras and gets the job done to adequately ventilate your bathroom. Or you can install a decorative fan and light combination that matches the decor of your room. Choose the fan that bet fits your style and budget.

Bathroom Size

Fans are designed to evenly distribute air in a room, so the size of your room can dictate the size of the fan. Most bathroom fans accommodate the standard range of bathroom sizes, but in many newer homes the bathrooms are very large accommodating two person showers and Jacuzzi tubs. In this case, you may need a larger fan or more than one fan and that will affect the price.

Installing Bath Fan

Although some fans have exposed cords that can be plugged into wall sockets, the preferable installation is for the fan to be wired into the ceiling like a light fixture. If there was an existing fan or light fixture already in the room, the installation is reasonably simple using the existing wires.
However, if there was not a preexisting fixture, you will need to create a place for the fan. Of course, it is easiest to install electrical wiring during new home construction even if you will be installing a fan at a later time. But if you want to place a fan in a new location in your home, new wiring must be run to the new location. Consult an electrician about the costs for wiring the bathroom fan or for using the existing wires.


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Ray Wood 24 days ago
What percentage of the cost is for labor?
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Gave me an idea about costs and options that I need to consider. Thanks
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