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Updated: February 19, 2015

Many pool owners often will see sags, gaps, scratches and other issues with their vinyl pool liner every season. The change in temperature, constant rays from the sun and pool chemicals slowly wear away and discolor the liner, causing it to break from the wall. How much of it can be repaired versus replaced, and how much will those services cost? Learn more about vinyl pool liner repair and replacement, and what's involved in either process.

Repairing Vinyl Pool Liner

If your vinyl pool liner is in need of repair, there are some easy fixes you can usually do for less money than hiring a professional. What you'll do depends on the problem. Here are some of the most common problems you could encounter with a vinyl pool liner and how to fix it:
  • Liner bead off-track: When liners aren't tight because they�re off-center or too small or large, the beads will pop off-track. It's a simple fix to stretch and lock them back into place, though it will take muscle and time. Be prepared to lower the water levels in the pool a foot lower or more.
  • Leaking vinyl liner: When liners lose their elasticity, they might start to develop holes and punctures. This means pool leaks, and you might start to notice lower water levels over time. If you start adding an inch or more of water per week, there's likely a leak. If you don't fix the leak, water can wash out the backfill support, corrode walls, wash away sand and create sinkholes. It might require fixing a patch or hiring a professional to drain the pool and add a new liner.
  • Underwater leak: Vinyl adhesive can be used underwater without draining the pool. You might void the warranty of the liner if you drain the pool, so be sure to check.

When to Replace Vinyl Pool Liner

There are various reasons that lead to replacing the vinyl liner rather than trying to patch it. Be sure to check for these signs ahead of time so you don't lose too much water or cause an excess amount of damage to your pool. Otherwise you might need to do repairs to the swimming pool in addition to replacing the vinyl pool liner:
  • Age: As a vinyl pool liner grows older, it loses elasticity. The sun and weather conditions, along with the chemicals, wear it down. So it loses its color and can't support the pool wall or water pressure. When that happens, chunks of it fall off above the water line. These pieces will have to be replaced by a professional because they're too worn to patch.
  • Improper installation: Vinyl pool liners are supposed to be protective covers, not structural parts of your swimming pool. If they're installed incorrectly, they won't touch the ground and pool walls like they're supposed to. This could lead to a void in the warranty because it damages the liner bead or rips.
  • Cut by sharp objects: Since vinyl pool liners are soft, they can easily be cut. It's not easy to patch a vinyl pool liner after such an accident, so it's easier to replace than try and patch badly.
  • Wrong pool chemicals: If the wrong balance of pool chemicals is used, it can eat away at the vinyl pool liner faster. You need to be sure to use vinyl safe chemicals or not install a vinyl pool liner around your pool.

Replace with Vinyl or Fiberglass?

If you have to replace your vinyl pool liner, a swimming pool professional might recommend fiberglass materials. How do you determine which one is better?

Vinyl pool is the cheaper option for installation and doesn't have a rough surface. It also doesn't allow for algae growth and can be customized into any pool shape. However, its warranty is usually very pro-rated so it will cost a lot to replace or repair in comparison to fiberglass.

Fiberglass is lower maintenance and more aesthetically pleasing. Its long-term cost is usually less than a vinyl pool liner, and its resale value with the swimming pool is higher. However, homeowners will have to pay a lot more upfront to have it installed.


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Mary Kovach More than 1 year ago
I need to know how soon a new liner wood be installed and how much it wood cost.
Rosel Cherubin More than 1 year ago
I need it to be replaced as soon as possible
rick stuart More than 1 year ago
i need actual cost
Russell Taxis More than 1 year ago
Looking to have old above ground pool liner removed and new liner installed pool size 30' x 15'
Betty Domowski More than 1 year ago
Original vinyl liner of above ground pool 12x12x48 was incorrectly installed 2 years ago (by my children unfortunately but they meant well!) . Now it is developing holes and still twisted and misshappen. May also need different sand on the bottom as the bottom floor gets footprints as we walk. haha
Need free estimate ASAP
Deana Stevens More than 1 year ago
need to know how much to buy and replace vinyl lining. 36×18 with 9'deep bell in deep ground pool
Narvas Edna More than 1 year ago
I need to know how much it cost to replace the vinyl for a 20 x 40 rectangular in ground pool and what are going to with water?
Donna Haon More than 1 year ago
We have two holes in our vinyl liner that is 2 years old, and I would like to know approximately how much it would cost to repair the holes.
Barbara Strickland More than 1 year ago
This was helpful but how do I get more of a price quote for a vinyl liner and more data on the up front cost of fiberglass and the difference between warranty  of the two What does the warranty cover?    How do I get a price quote for a 27 MIL.  Liner for  20' X 40' pool?  What is the additional cost for a FiberGlass  material or Labor? 
jerry holt More than 1 year ago
need 2 replace my pool liner
tami lawson More than 1 year ago
I'm looking to have a new liner installed for an inground pool, ASAP!

Lachelle Newhouse More than 1 year ago
Need estimate on replacing fiberass liner
JOHN MILLER More than 1 year ago
Need liner replaced and a estimate.
Lisa Curtis More than 1 year ago
Looking to replace and install liner in in ground pool need estimates
Kurt Daly More than 1 year ago
Need a price for liner replacement for a 25ft round.
Lucresse Jocelyn More than 1 year ago
I need an estimate to replace the liner in my above ground pool.  It's partially inground and about 28ft in size.
mike barron More than 1 year ago
beaded liner is coming out of track needs to be fixed asap. need estimate.we live in south jersey
Luis Leonard More than 1 year ago
Need estimate for replacing above ground pool old liner is gone asap
Tracey Daniel More than 1 year ago
Need quote for replacing above ground liner asap!!
Elizabeth Register More than 1 year ago
Need estimate for replacing in ground pool liner
Elizabeth Register More than 1 year ago
Need in ground pool liner replaced ASAP 
Mike Klassen More than 1 year ago
Need a price on installing above ground liner
James Moran More than 1 year ago
Did you get a price yet
Terri Housley More than 1 year ago
I live in Crestwood Ky and am looking for some one to replace my above ground pool liner. My pool is 28 round and 4 deep.
Jason King More than 1 year ago
We are looking for someone as well to install a new liner in our above ground 24x12' pool. The pool also varies in depth ranging from 3-5 ft. and located in Chicago.
jerry stoik More than 1 year ago
replace liner with 30 ml, 16' x 32' -include installation pool opening and extended warranty
Sally Kimmel More than 1 year ago
We are looking for somebody to install a new liner in our in ground 16x32' pool. We had it renovated in 2006 with new liner, coping and deck. We just need a new liner. We live near Shepherdstown, WV
HASupport More than 1 year ago
We've asked a representative to reach out. Please expect to hear from us shortly. -HASupport

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