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How Much Does it Cost to Install Swimming Pool Covers & Accessories?

Install Swimming Pool Covers & Accessories Costs
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Your swimming pool is a big investment, and you want to keep it properly maintained. Swimming pool covers and other accessories are an important part of that. Being "in the know" will help you get not only what you need but keep you from purchasing unnecessary items.

Above Ground versus In-Ground Pools

The pool covers and accessories vary greatly depending on the type of pool you have. They can be made of the same material, but above ground pools often need extra overlap room that in-ground ones don't.

Pool Size

The size of the pool will also dictate your cover and accessories prices. Smaller pools mean smaller accessories, and sometimes accessories won't work at all. For example, depending on your above ground pool and deck installation, you may find it very difficult to find a pool slide.

Purpose of the Cover

Depending on what you want your pool cover to accomplish will also dictate cost. You might not want to drain your pool in the winter, so you may want a winter cover that will keep your water from freezing and resistant to ice. Maybe you want your cover to also act as a safety device, which is installed differently and made of a different material. There are even pool covers specifically called leaf nets, made to keep leaves and debris out of your pool.

Pool Accessories

Accessories aren't only the fun stuff like slides and diving boards. You also need to think about your pool closing and opening accessories and supplies. Think about the supplies needed to take care of your water chemistry, cleaning, heating if needed, and accessories like ladders and handrails. If your pool has a liner, you will need to think of maintenance tools for that as well.


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