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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Swimming Pool Heater?

Install a Swimming Pool Heater Costs
Average reported costs
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Most homeowners
spent between
$1,485 - $3,521
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Swimming pools make great additions to your outdoor space. They offer good looks and a place for exercise, relaxation and play. One of the ways to make sure your pool can be in use as long as possible is to install a swimming pool heater. There are multiple kinds of heaters, so it can be tough to predict the cost to install a swimming pool heater without learning the differences. Most homeowners spend between $1,485 and $3,521. Your first step should be to contact a professional who can help you determine what will work best for your pool and for your climate. Once you've spoken to a professional, the type of heater you choose will make the most impact on the cost to install a swimming pool heater.

Gas Heater

Gas pool heaters can be run by natural gas or propane. These are the most common types of pool heaters and they work the most rapidly. The cost to install a swimming pool heater is also the lowest with gas models. If you already have a natural gas line, then it will be attached to that or you can opt to use a propane tank that will be mounted above or below the ground. Installation involves PVC plumbing, as well as electrical wiring and venting. These types of heaters are thermostat controlled, so you only use as much as you decide, but it's also easy to set it and forget about it.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps extract heat from the air, making it cheaper to maintain than gas heaters. They are clean and economical, and another efficient option. These require a dedicated breaker to supply power to the unit. Heat pumps may be able to add a couple weeks to either side of your pool season, and despite the large circuits that run them, they are pretty efficient. The cost to install a pool heater is comparable to a gas model, so it will depend on which you prefer. These are slower to heat, but will likely have a smaller monthly bill.

Solar Heater

The cost to install a swimming pool heater that is solar-based will likely be the most affordable option. This is especially true if you factor in the cost savings of energy bills over the months of use. Solar heaters use your existing pool pump to circulate water through the many small passages of the solar collector where it is warmed by the sun. It's recommended to have at least half of square footage of your pool in solar panels to effectively heat your pool. Solar panels are great, efficient options, but they will only heat your pool when it is warm, and the outside temperature must be warmer than the pool water to heat. Adding a solar blanket at night can help to prevent heat loss overnight.


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peter nappi 23 days ago
I need total cost. Remove and take away old heater and installation and provide a new heater.. Electrical needed is all in place. 
Ivan Cabrera More than 1 year ago
is this numbers includes the Heater or is labor only?