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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Ceiling?

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Installing a ceiling may seem like a large venture, but really it's not much more complicated than hanging drywall on your walls. That said, it still might be difficult to predict what ceiling installation costs will be for your home.


The square footage of the room or home that needs the ceiling will be the single largest factor in your installation. Generally, the larger the home or room, the more the cost to install a ceiling will end up being. However, with drywall projects, the inverse is actually true. It costs more per square foot for smaller drywall jobs, like repairs, than larger ones like installation. So you might save money by installing a few ceilings at once or bundling this with a drywall project.


From standard ceilings to vaulted, popcorn, coffered, or beam, there are plenty of options for ceiling types. The cost to install a ceiling will depend on what type of ceiling you want. Standard, smooth drywall ceilings will have the lowest installation costs. Vaulted ceilings use more materials and are taller, which can bring ceiling installation costs up. Coffered or beam ceilings include decorative wood beams, which have a higher cost since they use more types and quantity of materials and require more expertise for installation.

Drop ceilings

Drop ceiling are installed below a primary ceiling to hide wires, pipes, ductwork, cracks or water damage from being visible. Constructed from panels resting in a grid suspended from the original ceiling joists, drop ceilings are a good option if something is wrong with your current ceiling. These can also help soundproof areas of your home. Installation costs with drop ceilings tend to be lower than other types of ceilings. These are common in basement remodels as a quick ceiling option. These are also smart options for areas of the home where access to ductwork or plumbing might be necessary in the future. All that would be required is to pop out a tile or two, as opposed to cutting into the ceiling. The cost to install a ceiling with this kind of access in the right areas of your home might help to lower future repair costs involving plumbing or electrical.


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