A Home for Your Comb: Bathroom Shelf Ideas

by Jon Nunan

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Shelves in living rooms or closets usually need to be sturdy enough to hold a lot of weight. Since most families confine the storage of books or trophies to other rooms, a bathroom shelf is a bit more flexible than its around the house counterparts.

Glass Shelf Benefits
A mirror or glass shelf is a very common choice in bathrooms. It is one room of the house where a glass shelf, with its transparent or reflective surface and dainty construction, can do the most good.

As bathrooms are, more often than not, one of a home's smaller rooms, a bathroom shelf that is conservative in stature makes the most sense. Though glass shelves can be custom made as large as you like, most on the market would fall into the "petit" category. They provide a perfect space for toiletries and other small items such as air fresheners or washcloths.

The narrow nature of many glass shelves allows perfume or cologne to be lined just one or two deep, making each selection visible at a glance. A transparent bathroom shelf is also appealing because you can see items on other shelves through the shelf you're looking at; the larger view makes finding small bottles and tubes much easier.

Above all, glass looks great. It lends a room a fresh, modern feeling. Also, its surface is sterile and easy to clean. What better place to feel fresh and clean than a bathroom?

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Other Bathroom Shelf Jobs
While glass is great for those countless small bottles and containers, it's not the best for every situation. Homes without a convenient linen closet often benefit from the installation of a wood or metal bathroom shelf.

Both wood and metal shelves are often more cost effective than glass when it comes to overall surface space. They might not have the visual appeal of glass or mirror, but what they lack in looks, they make up for in other categories. If you're looking for a way to store larger items that require a deeper space, then wood or metal is the way to go.

To get the benefit of more storage, but still keep that modern look, homeowners might consider a floating shelf or two in the bathroom. These shelves have no visible mountings, which saves space, and looks great. They are a perfect way to store towels or other bulky items while keeping the room looking as up to date as possible.

Drawers and Cabinets
If you're lucky enough to have an overly spacious bathroom, shelves might not be the way to go. Cabinets in the bathroom are going to take up a fair amount of space, but if the room is big enough, go for it! They will provide not only storage space, but closed storage space. When given the choice between keeping toilet items discreetly out of sight or putting them on display, many would opt for the former. A chest of drawers in a spacious bathroom is very convenient, as well. Drawers and cabinets also give you the option of reserving the space under the sink for cleaning products only, saving your personal items from possible water damage. A chest of drawers can also increase usable counter space; almost everyone could use a little more of that.
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