Accordion Doors Open Up Options

by Marc Dickinson

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The most interesting concept behind accordion doors is that they are rarely used as actual entryways and exits. Most of the time, these folding barriers are used as temporary walls or partitions. Though they can certainly be used as traditional opening-and-closing entryways, they are most often found between rooms due to their light construction, easy fold-away storage option, and their interesting, wood design.

However, these products now come in a large variety and offer many different possibilities to homeowners and businesses which have been using them to effectively open up or close off large spaces in order to suit daily, individual needs.

Dividing the Space
There are many unique places where you could install an accordion door, and whether you own a business, work in an office, or own a home, these devices allow for a lot of versatility when it comes to both separating and sharing a space.

Closets: If you have unsightly closets in your bedroom or in high-traffic living space, these creased partitions are a great way to quickly cover-up the mess without all the extra expense of traditional doors.
Sleeping Quarters: Do you have a small apartment or house where one room encroaches on the next? Well these temporary room-separaters are an efficient way to block off areas that may need more privacy at certain times of the day, yet can be easily removed to add space a home when desired.
Kitchens: In a home, restaurant, or bar, you may find that the smells, heat, sounds, and unpleasant mess of the kitchen can intrude on your dining area. With the quick pull of the folding partition, all these unattractive nuisances can be put out of sight and mind while eating.
Conference Rooms: In businesses, corporations, and universities, the need to rearrange large spaces for specific needs is essential. That is why these room dividers come in all shapes, sizes, and materials (sometimes even with high-tech electronic track systems) which can make an auditorium into a cozy conference room or a small classroom into a giant lecture hall.

Overall, this versatility in the home or office keeps you from making major investments in remodeling projects with just a few creative fixes supplied by accordion doors.

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Keeping This In, Keeping That Out
When dividing living areas, other peripheral benefits arise from the alteration. Though your intention is to simply segregate a room, you're also creating a barrier and gaining control over your own space and the things that belong in it.

Climate Control: By closing off unused areas of your home, you are now able to trap in the heat or cool air. Just like any other entryway, these partitions help control your climate by keeping in the desired air temperature. However, instead of just an exterior door barricading you from the outdoors, you now get to control the actual airflow throughout your house. This can actually help on utility bills since you won't be wasting energy on unused spaces.
Sound Insulation: You can also buy acoustical accordion doors made out of specialty materials that allow for sound insulation. These folding partitions no longer have to be flimsy imitation wood; they can now be made out of sturdy hardwood, vinyl, or other synthetic materials to help keep out the noise from other areas of the home.

Marc Dickinson has worked in both the general contracting and landscaping trades and is currently a home improvement freelance writer with over 300 articles published.