Dual Shower Heads: Why Be Left Out in the Cold?

by Marc Dickinson

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After getting out of bed on a cool morning, sometimes the only thing to look forward to is a nice, warm shower before the day begins. Yet do you find yourself cramped under the spout? Or as one half of you is positioned under the stream, is the other half freezing its tail off, literally? Well the solution to this inconvenience may be dual shower heads. These fixtures consist of two heads running off one pipe, allowing for more water flow that covers a larger amount of area so you never have to suffer a freeze-out in your own shower.

Stationary Dual Shower Heads
This water fixture is attached to a single, stationary waterline just like a traditional shower. However, instead of one centered head, there are two heads which fork from the same single water source. These units remain stationary, but you get double the water and double the angles. They are usually installed without washers so that there is no threat of a leak, and they often come with several specialty options:

Adjustable Heads: Don't let the word stationary fool you: the two heads can be adjusted to any angle just like any traditional shower so that you can choose where you want the water positioned on your body.
Adjustable Pressure: Many of these products come with the option of adjustable water pressure for each head. This means that if you have shoulder aches, you can make the water pressure more powerful on that one side, while still keeping the other faucet at a normal level.
Massaging Heads: Some units will come with massaging capabilities, where each head is adjusted to pulsate at different settings. This allows the feel of a relaxing hot tub right in your own shower.

Give Yourself Some Room
Some questions to consider: Do you have children? Do they get dirty from the park, the beach, or just your own backyard? Have you ever tried to bathe them both at once? It's usually a messy ordeal that saps a parent's energy. What if you had a way to give them a quick, efficient shower, both at the same time while still containing the mess?

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Dual Shower Heads

Dual shower heads provide much more room in a stall, which means that more than one person is able to use it at a time. Yes, Mom and Dad, this includes you as well. Have you ever tried to take a shower with a significant other? Whether is it for a little romantic rendezvous or simply because you're both running late for an appointment, showering at the same time in a traditional shower can be a drag. One of you is always out of the water, shivering and waiting your turn. And if there's only one shower head, things can get cramped, even when you're bathing by yourself. But these double heads can answer this problem by allowing more room to work around. And if the space is being shared, each individual now has their own water jet that they can adjust to their own personal preference.

More Options
Like any water fixture, there are a million different designs and materials: plastic, brass, metallic, traditional, or contemporary; the options are limitless. So even if you're replacing your old head with one of these dual faucets, there shouldn't be a problem matching the new product to your bathroom's pre-existing decor. Also, there are a few different types of models out there to choose from:

Handheld: Instead of keeping it stationary, re-define the idea of a dual shower head. Maybe you simply need an additional, movable spout that can be handheld for more customized versatility and more control of the water source.
Vertical: Instead of the spouts being bifurcated above your head, why not have them installed vertically along the wall of the shower. It's like a whirlpool while standing up.
Opposite Sides: Instead of the fixtures being affixed to a single pipe in one central location, why not install two different heads opposite each other. You'll be surrounded in a cascade of water for total front and back immersion. Plus, if showering for two, no one will have to worry about being left out in the cold.

Marc Dickinson has worked in both the general contracting and landscaping trades and is currently a home improvement freelance writer with over 300 articles published.