Kitchen Nooks for Your Family

by Marcus Pickett

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Dining rooms are an invaluable part of your home. Whether you're throwing a party and hosting a business gathering, having a more formal dining area gives your home a much-needed space for elegance and prestige. On the other hand, sitting under a chandelier and twelve feet away from your child, may not be the best setting to ask about his or her day at school. As much as you need a dining room for your home, an intimate space for family dining is more important. This is the real value of a kitchen nook.

Kitchen Nook Design and Placement
For convenience, kitchen nooks are the best choice for placing a nook in your home. Family dining too frequently leads to arguments and grumbling about setting and clearing the table. There's no guarantee your teenage son or daughter is going to suddenly become cooperative, but the shorter the distance from the kitchen nook to the kitchen sink the easier the dining chores become.

If you don't have the room directly in your kitchen, chances are you have a place near your kitchen that will accommodate a dining nook and will still give you the benefits of keeping your family dining area separate from your dining room. Many homes have open spaces near the kitchen that aren't confined by a narrow doorway. Near your bay window can be the perfect place for a dining nook. The angles of the window may cause a traditional kitchen nook to look awkward. A more rounded bench that still approximates the same dining atmosphere can be specifically designed for your home.

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Other Benefits of an Extra Dining Area
You may fear that you'll never use your dining room and, it's true, a kitchen nook may probably reduce your use of the room. On the other hand, it's never a bad idea to have extra dining space. Your kitchen nook can help ensure you have enough seating for family parties and can act as a buffet table for more intimate gatherings. If you haven't invested in building a home office already, a few minor alterations can turn your dining room into a viable working space.

As much as the kitchen nook may help bring your family together, the extra table is a good idea for more than just food presentation. It will enable different family activities to go on without fighting for space. Whether it's playing poker, board games, a working space or just a place to sit and talk, your spouse and kids don't have to fight over where they can hang out with their friends. It sounds simple enough but, a kitchen nook can be an excellent conduit for communication and peaceful coexistence for everybody in your household.

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