The Sky is the Limit with an Outdoor Wood Shed

by Matt Goering

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    You'd be surprised how many homeowners are in the market for an outdoor shed. These beauties are perfect for rural, suburban, and urban settings alike and can house anything from wood piles to lawn mowers to much needed storage space. The trick when choosing the right wood shed for your property is figuring out what you need it for. Once you determine that, there are more designs to choose from than you can shake a stick at.

    Outdoor Wood Shed Uses
    As has already been mentioned, the key to choosing the right shed design is determining what you plan to use it for. An outdoor wood shed is easily adapted for just about any purpose. They can be primitive lean-to shelters, barn sheds for storing everything from garden tools to household spillover, garden sheds that are comfortable for everyday use, and they can even serve as a primitive guest house in the right situations. In the end, your outdoor shed style should be determined by what you plan to use it for and how much money you have to spend.

    Outdoor Wood Shed Designs
    Because homeowners have such different visions of what the function of their outdoor shed should be, there are a lot of different designs out there to choose from. Here's a sampling of outdoor wood shed designs to help get your gears turning and help you decide what the right shed is for your particular needs.

    • The Barn Shed—This is perhaps the most common residential/suburban shed found on the market today. Picture any Tuff Shed and you've got the idea. These sheds provide attractive, cost effective, functional storage space for everything from garden tools to lawn mowers.

    • The Wood Shed—The wood shed is a variation on the barn shed, but with a little more style. If you have the budget to accommodate it, you can build an outdoor wood shed out of pine, cedar, or any other material that catches your fancy. These sheds serve the same purpose as a barn shed with added class.

    • The Garden Shed—A garden shed takes the wood shed to an entirely new level. These sheds are built for more than storage. They are meant to be functional structures where a homeowner can pass their days potting plants, starting seeds, and even reading their favorite book. They range from simple wood sheds to elaborate designs that have built in potting shelves, windows, and covered porches to boot.

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    • The Lean To—This is the classic rural wood shed built to protect important items from the elements, be it the riding lawnmower or the wood pile. They can range from carefully planned, walled, shingle roofed structures to even simpler designs meant to provide only the most basic protection from the elements. Most of these outdoor sheds are DIY projects, though a contractor can be hired if need be.

    • The Luxury Outdoor Wood Shed—While these buildings are often marketed as wood sheds, they're probably more aptly described as simple guest houses. They often include electric heat, bunks, wood stoves, windows, and other amenities. If you're looking for a low-cost, low-luxury solution for putting up your in-laws when they drop in to visit, this might be exactly what you've been searching for.

    Outdoor Wood Shed Contractors
    Most general contractors or home improvement pros will be happy to talk to you about your wood shed needs, help you develop design plans, and take the lead when it comes to constructing these space saving structures. Regardless of what you need your new wood shed for, there's a design and contractor out there who can make it happen.

    Matt Goering, formerly a carpenter and house painter, is a freelance writer for the home improvement industry who has published over 600 articles.
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