Trivection Ovens: 3-in-1 Cooking, 3 Times as Fast

by Marc Dickinson

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In the kitchen, we've all used thermal ovens which heat the air to a desired temperature via gas or electricity. Then there are convection ovens, which use a fan to circulate heated air around the food. However, there is a new kid in town: the trivection oven. No, this not a typo. This innovative product heats up your food by combining the two previously mentioned processes with an additional third technology: microwave energy.

By uniting all three methods into one product, these new ovens give you all the benefits you need for safe, thorough, and quick cooking. But why would you need all three? Doesn't one work just as good as the other? This is true. Each traditional method comes with their own advantages, but a trivection oven removes their individual shortcomings because it creates a system of checks-and-balances: each of the three heat sources make up for the weaknesses of the other. Here is what each method provides:

Thermal: A traditional technique that utilized conductive heat from both the top and bottom of an oven. Therefore, this method sustains a consistent temperature throughout the cooking process.
Convection: Circulating air currents surround the food and blows hot air directly onto its surface. This distributes heat evenly throughout the entire unit, ensuring that your food will be cooked thoroughly even it you're using all four tiers of the oven. It browns the outside of your food, while retaining all the juicy flavors inside. It can often be used in conjunction with thermal technology and can save you money because of its efficient use of heat.
Microwave: Though the two previous methods are certainly time-tested, they still can't provide the one thing most cooks hold dearest: time. This doesn't mean that trivection ovens also act as microwaves: you can't use this method by itself. However, by using electromagnetic waves to penetrate the food source, your cooking time will easily be cut in half.

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Pre-programmable Cooking
Each type of food brings with it different challenges. How many pounds per an hour for a turkey? How long does a cake take without burning or undercooking it? How long before the meal should you put in those potatoes? Trivection ovens remove this hassle by heating food three times as fast as conventional units. But do you have to alter your recipe now? Not at all.

These products come with pre-programmable options. In other words, they take care of all the adjustments for you. Simply select the type of cooking method you want (you can still use convection and/or thermal technology by themselves if you want) and the type of food you'll be cooking, then just follow your recipe: set it to the same temperature and time length. Then, sit back, relax, and let it do all the work for you. These new products have the ability to automatically convert the proper settings for you, creating a savory meal but one that you'll no longer have to wait around for. Plus, these units still come with all the options of traditional ovens: broiling, roasting, self-cleaning, and lighting. They also come in any shape and size (double-oven, single-oven, wall units, or range-style) in order to fit your kitchen's needs and decor.

Marc Dickinson has worked in both the general contracting and landscaping trades and is currently a home improvement freelance writer with over 300 articles published.