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How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Bathroom?

National Average Change Location | View National $10,302
Typical Range $5,949 - $14,817
Low End $2,500
High End $25,000

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  1. Average Cost of a Bathroom Remodel
  2. Bathroom Remodeling Cost Estimates & Breakdown
  3. Small Bathroom Costs
  4. Bathroom Remodeling Ideas
  5. Custom or Store Accessories?
  6. Price & Schedule Agreement
  7. Contractor's Work

What is the Average Cost of a Bathroom Remodel?

The average bathroom remodel costs $10,302. Most homeowners spend between $5,949 and $14,817. You can spend as little as $3,500 to $7,000 updating the essentials in a small or medium-sized bathroom. On a large or master bath, you could spend up to or beyond $13,000.

Homeowners have many options when they remodel a bathroom and the total cost depends on style and budget. Bathroom remodels provide some of the highest resale returns as a home improvement project. However, it is not by any means cheap, and it can take a long time to complete. Therefore it is essential to gather and plan your bathroom remodeling ideas ahead of time for the room and then find the right remodeling contractor for the job. Asking questions, setting realistic expectations, cost estimates and budgeting from the start can mean the difference between finding a contractor you trust and enjoy working with versus a long and trying few weeks.

Find more information below on the costs of common accessories included in a bathroom remodel, along with design ideas and considerations concerning hiring a remodeling bathroom contractor. You want to get the best bathroom possible for your dime, so make sure you are armed with plenty of knowledge before you start calling.

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Estimating Bathroom Remodel Costs

Determining your budget could be tricky when planning your renovation. A large factor in determining cost will be the size of your bathroom, ranging from small to medium or master bathroom size. The fixtures you will need to fit in your bathroom will range in price depending on their size. The list of fixtures involved in remodeling a bathroom can include elements like faucets and fixtures, floor plan changes (like converting a half bath to full bath), new showers or baths, new flooring, countertops, cabinets and lighting. This long list of comes with a lot of different prices and options to compare before choosing what to buy for your bath remodel.

Here is a chart with some of the many options involved in a bathroom remodel, including the least expensive (small) to most expensive (master) costs for each:

OptionLow RangeMid RangeHigh Range
Install bathtub$400 - $1,500$2,600 - $4,100$6,000 - $8,000
Install cabinets$1,200 - $3,500$4,700 - $7,000$8,000 - $13,000
Install countertops$900 - $2,000$2,800 - $4,100$5,000 - $6,500
Install flooring$800 - $2,000$2,500 - $3,600$5,000 - $7,000
Install lighting fixture$120 - $900$1,100 - $1,700$2,500 - $4,000
Install shower$450 - $2,000$3,000 - $4,800$6,000 - $10,000
Install sink$190 - $900$1,400 - $2,300$3,500 - $6,500
Install toilet$130 - $250$340 - $480$550 - $780

Remember: you don't have to include all of these items in your bathroom remodel, unless you're building a whole new bathroom from scratch. You always have the option to add some pieces–sink, toilet and lighting fixtures–after you've done the bigger projects to spread out costs. Also consider that some of these projects–bathtub installation/remodel, shower installation or cabinet installation–have smaller, cheaper alternatives. For example, you can refinish cabinets to make them look brand new and flow with the new bathroom for less money. There is also the option of replacing faucets and other plumbing fixtures, which costs less than replacing bathtubs and showers.

For those who want a similar style from room to room, it's worth considering the cost of kitchen cabinets ahead of time. If you plan to have your kitchen remodeled after you tackle the bathroom, consider the cost of your bathroom cabinets and fixtures on a larger scale. This will give you a more detailed estimate of your kitchen remodel cost.

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Small Bathroom Remodeling Costs

Small bathrooms are often less expensive to remodel than larger bathrooms because they have less square footage. This means fewer materials involved to make them look brand new, and their cost will be on the low range of the chart above since you need less of them or their smaller sizes to fit in the bathroom. The cost of labor will also be lower because the time spent to remodel a small bathroom won't be as long as a large bathroom, unless the professionals run into snags with the electricity or plumbing. However, there is still a lot of heavy lifting, planning and general time involved in the process. Here are some cost factors you might deal with in the midst of a small bathroom remodel:

  • Changing the layout: If you decide to increase the square footage of the small bathroom, it will increase the total cost of the remodel. This means changing the electrical wiring in the walls, adding more flooring, and possibly more plumbing. All of this will increase materials and labor cost.
  • Fixtures and appliances: If you replace any of your current fixtures and appliances in the bathroom--countertops, bathtub, toilet, sink, etc.--this will increase the cost because the professionals will need to remove the originals and install the new ones. You can save on this cost by refinishing some of the appliances or buying the materials yourself.
  • Plumbing and electrical: Any issues with your plumbing or electricity during the renovation will add onto the cost of the remodel. You might have them checked by separate professionals ahead of time just in case. However, there could be issues that occur during the renovation that can't be planned for.

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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas and Inspiration

Why do you want to remodel the bathroom? Is it to modernize the functionality of your current bathroom? To update the style and color? Who is this bathroom for: female, male, adult or kid? Ask yourself if the bathroom design style should be classic or contemporary, mid-century modern or Bohemian chic. How will it flow with the rest of the house based on the style you choose?

Does your bathroom fit your lifestyle? Maybe you live a fast-paced lifestyle where you never have time for more than a quick shower in the morning. Perhaps you like a long, leisurely, relaxing soak in a jacuzzi tub at night. Either way, how you plan to design the bathroom reflects both your aesthetic taste and lifestyle, and all of this impacts your costs and price range for accessories.

Approach your contractor with many examples of your remodel ideas, including pictures from home decor magazines, links to bathroom design ideas on the web and paint chips from the hardware store. The more information a contractor has ahead of time, the more your bath remodel ideas will turn out exactly how you want it.

Here are some remodeled bathroom examples that might help you define how to remodel your bathroom:

Modern Bathrooms

modern bathroom remodel by Planet Home Remodeling Corp. in Berkeley, CA
by Planet Home Remodeling Corp., a Bathroom Remodeler in Berkeley, CA. The average cost of a bathroom remodel in Berkeley is approximately $14,000 to $18,000.

modern bathroom with shutters in Dallas, TX
by Luxury for the Home, a Bathroom Remodeler in Dallas, TX. The average cost to remodel a bathroom in Dallas is approximately $7,300 to $10,000.

Small Bathroom Remodel

traditional bathroom in Brooklyn, NY
by Beyond Designs and Remodeling, Inc., a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Brooklyn, NY. For most homeowners in Brooklyn, the average cost for a bathroom remodel is approximately $9,800 to $13,000.

Traditional Bathroom Remodel

traditional bathroom in Milwaukee, WI
by Luxury for the Home, a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Milwaukee, WI. The average reported cost of a bathroom remodel in Milwaukee is $9,000 to $12,000.

Eclectic Bathroom Remodel

eclectic bathroom in Aurora, CO
by Luxe Interiors, a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Denver, CO. The average cost of a remodeled bathroom in Denver ranges from $5,500 to $8,000.

Contemporary Bathroom Remodel

contemporary bathroom remodel design from Ideas and Solutions in New York
by Ideas and Solutions, a New York Bathroom Remodeling Contractor. And the average cost of a bathroom remodel in New York City is roughly $9,500 to $13,000.

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Custom-Built or Store-Bought Accessories?

Once you have ideas for your renovation planned out, the next step is to find accessories for your remodeled bathroom in your price range. If your idea for the bathroom doesn't fit exactly within a type of style like modern or contemporary, you may need to hire a professional craftsman to custom build accessories like the vanity, countertop or mirror frame. These specialized contractors will have different prices for their work depending on the material you want the accessories made from and how they calculate their prices: by the hour, job or otherwise.

However, if you want to stay close within your budget, there is the option to buy accessories like sinks, toilets, countertop materials, cabinets and different lighting options at home improvement stores. They have a variety of options when it comes to items like bath lighting, toilets, sinks, vanities and cabinetry because they come straight from different manufacturers. Of course, you might leave the selection to your general contractor if you're uncertain about buying what fits best within your budget and design. Contractors often also have wider access to bath remodel accessories because of their personal relationships with manufacturers. This also means they could buy them for better prices than at a home improvement store.

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Remodeling Project Price & Schedule Agreement

An experienced contractor should be able to give you a written schedule and list of the construction tasks they are going to perform and what their deadlines are for the completion of each task. This helps prevent disagreements along the way and gives you clear expectations about how long the project should take to complete when remodeling a bathroom.

A bathroom remodel is often a lengthy project, and thus a contractor may ask for money in advance of the work being started and after completion of specific milestones along the way. Make sure that the payment schedule and total amount is agreed upon and put in writing before the start of the project. Then at the end of the project, the contractor will be able to give you an itemized list of everything included in the remodel and how much it costs in total.

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Remodeling Contractor's Work

A bathroom remodel involves various areas of expertise: construction, plumbing, electrical and lighting. Talk to your bathroom remodel contractor at the start of the project about how they deal with mistakes, damage and repairs that may arise. Make sure the work will be backed up by an expressed warranty or guarantee. You want to get the value of a new bathroom for the amount of money you are paying the remodeling contractor. What you don't want is the additional cost of repairs and maintenance for mistakes made in the initial remodel.

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Was this page helpful?

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Sue Inman More than 1 year ago
Something missing from these remodel articles are suggestions for shortening the time to complete. We have a modest sized house in the Memphis, TN area- 3 Br, 2 bath, living room, dining room, den. We have remodeled our (1) kitchen, (2) great room-dining room (converted dining, living and den to an open concept of 1 great room with a dining room, and (3) 1 small bathroom. The kitchen was done first and the others followed in several years. We used the same contractor for all our projects. His references were great and we visited some of his remodels as part of the check-out process. He does most of the work himself, works on ONE renovation at a time so he can work every day, all day. He has his Sheetrock, electrical, plumbing guys that he uses for everything. Our plans were all drawn up and agreed upon before any work started. He would be paid in installments as the work was completed. All materials that we were purchasing-picking out were purchased and delivered to our house before any work started. Needless to say, all 3 remodels went smoothly. They were all finished on schedule and we had no unexpected costs. The kitchen was done in 6 weeks. That entailed ripping everything down to the studs, rewiring, moving the fuse box, tiling, new cabinets with some customized, granite counters, tiled backsplash, lighting, installing the appliances, and finishing out a washer-dryer area. The other 2 remodels went just as smoothly. We had ZERO complaints during the process and ZERO after. It drives me crazy to see these shows on tv where the homeowner is making changes to the plan during the process. Then they are picking out tile after the remodel has all started. And the homeowner gets mad that their remodel is delayed because they are waiting on the tile to be delivered from across the country. I would have had zero patience if I was doing a remodel and we had days with no work being done because the contractor/his guys are working on other projects. This is the very reason we put off starting our first remodel. I couldn't wrap my mind around why it would take 3+ months to get the kitchen done. After talking to many people-at hone expos, kitchen-bath stores, Home Depot, Lowes, we learned about this unique contractor that worked differently. He moved here from the LA-Malibu area and had worked on much larger, custom projects there. He followed the same model - work on one job at a time, use the same reliable, good guys for when he needed their help. He was very successful....and we feel lucky to have found him and hope he sticks around long enough to do our master bath! Sorry this was so long. I just had to say it!
Danielle D Prairie More than 1 year ago
I would be interested in the man you used as I will be undergoing a kitchen and bathroom renovation in Nashville TN. I have heard so many horror stories of jobs going way past done dates and additional expenses being added as they go.
Shirley Rich More than 1 year ago
Who was the contractor?
bob thompson More than 1 year ago
Please let me know who was the contractor. Would appreciate your help,thanks in advance.
Judith Leclerc More than 1 year ago
Sue I had the same experience in southern New Hampshire.  I had a master bath remodeled.  My contractor was fabulous and did all the work except the plumbing and electric.  Everything went SOOO smoothly and he was here every day for almost 5 weeks.  I feel the same way about all the building shows where things are done in a flash at such a LOW cost.  I realize I was lucky to find my contractor.  
Hampton Reeves More than 1 year ago
From the builders view, even a one project at a time style builder, multiple projects are needed to offset concessions you want from the contractor. Most projects are predictable in time, but site conditions, legal issues and mostly customer change orders and custom nooks and features, prolong the process. 

Otherwise a small contractor can handle 3 projects at a time and make it relatively seamless especially for generic projects. The fact you had multiple projects ( done separately) and divided them into separate permits and planning documents suggests you would get extended timeframes 

if you want a guaranteed time try making it a contract incentive if you are absentee owner try a G-max agreement. you get better pricing making the project all incluesive and understanding payment milestones. otherwise hire a project manager
Steve Evans More than 1 year ago

I understand this an old post but ifsomeone is using places like Home Depot or Lowes as their contractor source,then a 3+ month completion time (and very heavy emphasis on the "+")is no surprise. Now If the project actually did get completed, that would be asurprise.


Aside from that, if what you say istrue and your licensed and insured contractor (who first made certain all thenecessary permits had been pulled before starting using a set of plans thatwere drawn up by a licensed architect or engineer based on the scope of work),worked exclusively on your projects and no others using only materials youpurchased, which were delivered on time and carefully examined to confirm theitems were as ordered without defects, shipping damages, etc., used skilled,licensed and insured subcontractors that all worked in perfect unison with theother trades never deviating from the schedule or changes in the plan.


He of course made sure all therequired rough-in, close-in and final electrical, plumbing, mechanical andstructural inspections were done before receiving his final payment after whichyou were given a release of liens and a written guarantee for only his labor unrelatedin any way to any materials purchased directly by you because, you, are nowentirely responsible for any costs should there be problems in the futureregardless of who was the installer. If all that is true I truly wonder how inhell this guy makes a living?

As a General Contractor for over 20years I have "zero patience" for customers who think idiotic DIY TVshows have any basis in reality, don't understand the differences in thequality of materials or what goes into being a skilled tradesman as opposed toa "I do it all" hack, hire "contractors" that lowball usout of business since they don't adhere to stifling EPA, OSHA and othergovernment regulations, pay soaring liability insurance costs, don't pay state,federal or business taxes, don't pay for unemployment insurance,  ignoreor are clueless about code requirements (that were designed for your protectionI might add) or pay yearly licensing fees that we who do must factor into our"outrageous" bids or face heavy fines or even jail.

(unless one lives in the magic landof Malibu where apparantly, none of that applies.)


Sorry THIS was so long but I justhad to say it.

Susan Williams More than 1 year ago
Part of the problem I see is that every one of these quotes includes something different than the next. You cannot compare your bathroom or kitchen remodel with someone else's, but there are some good rules to follow. Get all your ducks in a row before you start. Know what you want, the finishes you want, the tile you want, the tub and shower you want. And make sure you realize you can't change your mind half way through, or your price will go through the room. When you are settled on what it will look like, leave your contractor to do his work. Make sure he understands if you want him there every day, or if there are days he won't be able to gain access. Get everything in writing and make sure everyone is on the same page. I've gutted 3 kitchens and 3 bathrooms over the last 20 years. I did a lot of the demo myself to try and save a little money, and I chose every single finish myself. All my contractors ever had to do is install everything. I turned a log cabin kitchen with knotty pine cabinets into a kitchen that sold the home - the prospective buyer never looked at the rest of the house before turning to the realtor wanting to make an offer. My bathrooms had radiant floors (which will shoot the cost of your remodel way up, so don't complain when your remodel is $20K and everyone else's was $8K. Sorry, like the first post from ages ago, I had to say this. Over and over I see complaints about contractors when, in fact, BOTH the homeowner and the contractor are at fault for not having an ironclad agreement and an understanding of the work.
Beverly Routier More than 1 year ago
Good advice!!!  Thanks!!
Wanda Messer More than 1 year ago
But it does give you a ball park as to an estimated cost
john mendenhall More than 1 year ago
A "ball park" is not a complete price . It is very dangerous
 as on my last complete gut and high end rebuild a soft estimate
 was given of $15K . The client then said  "if you see something a little nicer, go ahead."  Granite counters, custom 90" vanity, hand pickled and polyed, full mirror with three inset sconces,  soffit with lights, radiant heated floor,crown molding and wood ceiling,new soaking tub with hand held Hans Grohe, toilet with touchless flush,all painting, new hardware on door and all handles and pulls on vanity,
$5k in tiles alone.

I went over and beyond in quality and products informing the client of $$$changes.
 She gagged on the final price of $23K.  We both made the mistake of a soft estimate , which she got stuck in her mind despite the high end upgrades and extras. 
 In the end she got the equity , I got stung for $1k because "I made too much".
 Advice, always take notes( I do) with written list of who is providing what materials.
Change orders on any variation are a pain in the butt, but provide legal proof
 in the event...
Pam Harris More than 1 year ago
We received a price of $30,000 to completely redo our medium sized bathroom!!! We're redoing our whole house and every room was $30,000. This is a well-built 2000+ sq. ft. 40 year old ranch, not a tear down. My husband remodeled our 1/2 bath and it cost us under $2000 using high end materials. We are redoing the laundry room, the mud room and the sun room. Altogether the contractor said it would cost between $175,000 & $200,000 for the rest of the home. Outrageous. We're looking for a more reasonable contractor in Michigan. This website was very helpful.
Wayne Dahl More than 1 year ago
I am a contractor in Wa. Have your contractors give you bids on labor only. 
Then have them give you a list of suggested materials. 
You can find out the materials cost in a few hours at the computer. 
Could save you thousands!
I mostly give bids with labor only and materials at cost with a 20% fee added.
Most people are happy to let me go do the shopping!

john mendenhall More than 1 year ago
While some contractors will bid labor only,  most others may not take the job.
 Delays in materials arriving to sight , shortages and damaged materials
can cause headaches, downtime and finger pointing. A contractor more times than not counts on making 10-15% markup on materials. This covers his/her
 time consulting with client, measuring, shopping reliable products.
 It is only fair to award at least 10% profit on materials even if the owner purchases.
Would you bring your own food to a restaurant ?
 Delays can be an inconvenience for an owner(kitchen) but cost $$$$ for the contractor due to time lost.
Lee Myszak More than 1 year ago
No I would not bring my own food to a restaurant but you are talking about apples and oranges.  Most persons can pay for a dinner but the cost of remodeling is far greater.  I purchased my materials for my bathrooms item by item because I could afford the purchase in that manner. I live in a small house, 1200 sq ft,  and have 2 small bathrooms floor plan remaining the same.  I live in a small town in Fl.  When a contractor wants $15,000 to renovate only furnishing wall board and a few incidentals, I know he is ripping me off. He has to make a living but I had to earn the money to pay for work I am too old to do myself.  When all the materials are stored in my garage there should be no delays.  Maybe you are a contractor and see things only from your point of view.
Amy Roiz More than 1 year ago
I have done this with my carpenter/ plumber in remodeling my small bathroom. I bought the materials and he is charging for labor only. However,  it is hard work because I had a heavy, cast iron tub removed and am installing a lighter, acryllic one.  The only complaint I have about him is that he is taking long to complete this.  He is tearing down walls, which has taken awhile. It is only him and another worker, and he comes when he is done with other jobs. Come Monday when I am home all day from school (teacher), he is planning on coming early to work some hours ) hopefully a lot because all he has done is work 3-4 hrs, maybe 5). He has given me a fair price. Wish me luck.
Diane Powell More than 1 year ago
Wow, Pam that sounds way too high! It's not like you live in Beverly Hills, right? The cost of living and everything is less there. Read my post above. My tight wad husband doesn't want to spend out anything to do the master bath because he wants to do it all! Well, he can dream, can't he? 
Joseph Rizzari More than 1 year ago
I am a contractor in the Greater Boston  area.  As a contractor,  I love it when Homeowners pick out their own fixtures for a bathroom or kitchen.  There is nothing wrong with giving a "labor only" quote.  However, the one caveat I would add is that if the Homeowner is picking out fixtures, then my contract specifies that it must be picked out before the commencement of work.  Time truly is money, and if myself and my crew are waiting for materials or fixtures, then the job can turn unprofitable very quickly. 

 One of the questions that is rarely asked by Homeowners is how many men will be dedicated to the project.  This is important because the best work in the wold will not help if the project languishes.   

Massachusetts is a very tough state to do business in as a contractor.  Believe it o not, Massachusetts has dictated, via the Consumer Affairs Bureau, 14 things that every contract must have.  These are designed to protect the Homeowner, including the phone number and address of the C.A.B., the right to cancel a contract, the right of a Homeowner to arbitrate claims against the contractor.  99% of contractors are not in compliance with this.  Please, know your rights and responsibilities before hiring your next contractor.

Prices may vary widely, but remember to compare apples to apples.  Unfortunately, I know some my fellow contractors that will come in with a very low number - then hit you with a myriad of change orders.  Remember, if the number sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Good luck to all with their remodeling projects.  
Anatoly Sein More than 1 year ago
Quality work is definitely cost more... As a contractor, I like to make sure that our clients  feel comfortable from A to Z. Quote for labor only? Yes. Want a basic material expense quote? Will be done. Need a help picking a right paint color or brand? Not a problem. Can't find the right flooring material? Let's make some appointments in different flooring stores. Yes, it is takes more time, yes it's not easy sometimes, but it's worth it. I understand that any remodeling work in your house is really stressful process, so my mission is not just be a good contractor we want to provide an excellent customer service with all warranties and support. Yes, we are not the cheapest company in the market but won't do a job for less because someone charges less.I always put my time and my heart to make it everything is perfect and trust me most of our customers more than just happy and don't regret the money spent
Jeanne Cousino More than 1 year ago
I just had my bathroom remodeled to the cost of $14,000. I feel that I was overcharged. Bathroom is long 9 feet long narrow-one side is bathtub and linen (medicine closet-nothing done to it) new cover put on bathtub - vanity with marble type top, inlaid floor and separate shower redone. wall done in sheets of "look alike tile".over the existing tile. I had expensive tile on it before and was told it was be terribly expensive to put new tile over it. The installer did a nice job however I think I was overcharged. I made the mistake of not getting more estimates and would suggest to anyone considering this toget more.
Alan Lewandowski More than 1 year ago
I have had a bath and kitchen remodeling showroom since 1990 on the IL/WI border near Lake Michigan. I can tell you that the prices that Homeadvisor states for a bath remodel is low. Check out Remodeling Magazines " Cost vs. Value" article for regional remodeling pricing on various projects. For my area, the average price for a bath remodel was ~ 14K last year to ~ 18K this year. And these are not high end luxury bath remodels either. We typically have bath projects in the 15-25K range. There is a lot of planning and design on the backend of a quality built project. Not knowing what products you were sold, I cannot comment on the price you paid. But my experience in the industry leads me to believe you were not gouged.
john juarbe More than 1 year ago
Customers often find that they can save a great deal of time and money by deciding in advance which tiles mouldings fixtures and appurtenances they are going to use and having everything on the site where the work is to be performed. the contractor will be able to make a schedule more accurately if he doesn't have to chase materials. frequently I have found that without proper planning you can add days to a job this costs everyone involved.
Wanda Messer More than 1 year ago
We live in Orlando, Fl. Getting ready to do a Master Bathroom remodel. We have a huge soaker tub which is never used. In 20'years we have lived here can count on my fingers and toes how many times we have used. Going to increase the size of Master Closet and increase size of show as we are retirees, older people do not climb in and out of a tub, and a lot of retirees in Florida. Just started contacting contractors. Attempting to do by referrals. Good advice from all I am reading, just wished people would say their location when quoting prices on their remodels as it certainly makes a difference cost in different areas of country.
michelle charleville More than 1 year ago
My master bathroom had only a toilet and a sink plus it had carpet. I wanted it to be a full bathroom so there would be two full bathrooms in my house. The entire cost, which included all of the materials, re-plumbing everything because we were adding a shower unit so more plumbing, the permits needed to do the work, electrical and permits, flooring, drywall, painting, new light fixtures, fan, vent cover for the HVAC, and the general contractor was $8,300. Of course this also included new flooring in my kitchen and laundry room. I thought that was pretty reasonable considering I have a whole new bathroom.
Wanda Messer More than 1 year ago
What state are you in
Diane Powell More than 1 year ago
Well sis, since you got the whole thing done for 8,300, which included new flooring in your kitchen and laundry room, and my husband has already shelled out over 7,000 on my master bathroom remodel, that he and my nephew are doing, and he's still not finished after a month and a half, you got a dang good deal! I need a contractor and a divorce attorney, asap!
olivia timmons More than 1 year ago
what state is this ? Who is the contractor and what's his phone number.
Rose Troilo More than 1 year ago
Yes I have been trying to explain to certain people that just to do even small changes slike counter top and vanity change it is a bit costly !! LOVE THIS PAGE VERY MUCH !!! I WILL USE HIS SITE AGAIN!!
Judith Leclerc More than 1 year ago
Planning to redo the master bath was fun but I ended up with sticker shock.  I live in S. NH.  I obtained three estimates all between 30 and 40 K.  Only one contractor would break down the estimate to show me what I was buying vs labor and he is the one I hired.  Yes, I chose some high end stuff and I basically gutted the room.  I didn't move any plumbing or electric.  I removed a non used whirlpool tub and did not replace it with another tub.  It was still much more than I had mentally been prepared for after reading reviews, HGTV, Houzz ad Home Advisor.  Not sure where these estimates come from.  
brenda Spencer More than 1 year ago
I'm on disibiity & need to check out all cost effective pricing that I can.  
James Maher More than 1 year ago
This is very helpful to give guidelines.

I am looking to remodel a 60-year-old bathroom after the shower leaked. So far all three quotes have come in over 30K which is not sustainable in this older neighborhood.

Armed with information, I will keep looking to find a better solution.
BILLY MILLER More than 1 year ago
Bruce Walbur More than 1 year ago
I would be interested in the man you used as I will be undergoing a kitchen and bathroom renovation in Nashville TN. I have heard so many horror stories of jobs going way past done dates and additional expenses being added as they go.
Jeffrey Hughes More than 1 year ago
This was a big help, breathing a little easier now. 
Roxane Maclellan More than 1 year ago
I am looking at remodeling my master bath/closet area and a bathroom down the hall. I just got a quote from a interior designer of over $50,000. This included $23,000 to $25,000 for the contractor, $18,000 materials for master, and over $7000 in materials for the kids bathroom. I was shocked! When she first looked at it she told me around $20,000 to $30,000 for the two bathrooms and the master closet - she was way off! I also contacted a contractor and he quoted $25,000 roughly for the remodel of both, however I did not ask if that included the materials! I live in Tucson AZ. So I am either really getting gouged or have a very complicated project! I have to say that the kids bathroom is pretty simple straighforward - I just need new tile, tub, toilet, countertops but the layout is exactly the same. Thinking of doing that project on our own. However the master bathroom requires some changes to the layout to allow for a walk in closet.  What am i doing wrong??
Cezar Mendoza More than 1 year ago
two small bathroom I need to be remodel.
Julie Clopper More than 1 year ago
Hello! I live in a small town in Pa. Just want new sanded;  painted walls simple tub/shower replaced, one sink vanity top. 62" by 20. This would make me happy. (I will do the other extras)
GWENDOLYN Rouse More than 1 year ago
Very helpful
Gloria Goodwin More than 1 year ago
thanks for sending the info.
lee irving More than 1 year ago
Thankyou for this website. Im finally gutting my bathroom..I have a small LEAK  that was fixed 8 years ago well I was busy  so now  the leak has rotted the subfloor need new pipe s ? new sheetrock ...I am nervous the cost is about 12800  meeting with the guy whos doing all the work tues to pick out everything except toilet.. I just don't want to be bothered running around to order all of this basic  small bathroom white  w accent color.vanity lights tile  and accessories..So what will go wrong in 7 days ill let you know my other estimate was for 14000 a big mess of piping in basement soo old.. cape cod house.. 1 bathroom!!!!
George Russell More than 1 year ago
I'd like to know the costs to update a regular bathroom with nothing special. All the pictures that are shown in this article are for fancy bathrooms that might look nice in pictures, but I can't imagine having them in my simple little house. I just want to replace some of the bathroom fixtures that are getting a bit old. I think the main project in my bathroom would be replacing the bathtub and bath surround which are probably the originals from when the house was built almost 30 years ago. I want to replace the acrylic/fiberglass/whatever- material bathtub with a cast-iron tub, and replace the tub walls (which are of the same type of material) with tile. I'm expecting that project to cost the most just because of the weight of the cast-iron tub!
Carlos Calunga More than 1 year ago
Your looking in the range of $10,000 / $12,000 for good quality contractor not a person you pick out of the parking lot in Home center
John Volkerding More than 1 year ago
Base on what we know to be prices of materials and what you have in here we estimated and budgeted $ 11-12,000 for our project which included us doing the demo. When the contractors on your service came for estimates we were shocked to see Estimates over $22,000. We are back to the drawing board and plan to probably be our contractor and sub out the work we cannot do.
leonard gartin More than 1 year ago
i need prices of tearing out the vanity and price of installing it. the price to tear out the wood paneling and replace it pricr to tear out vinyl floor and sub floor and replace it price to put in new flange for toilet replace toilet
Diane Powell More than 1 year ago
Well, my husband is REALLY GOOD at the tearing things out part of the remodel. As far as putting things back together again--not so much. 
favio palacios More than 1 year ago
my price small bathrrom is $7500 incluye material and lavor
Joseph Renau More than 1 year ago
It is Mrs Renau, I estimated it to be around 11,000. with all the changes but I will consider giving you a call when I start this project.
lorraine coyle More than 1 year ago
My total costs have been estimated at 24. I was a bit taken back at that price. Price includes tile floor with heat under it, tile walls, new shower. keeping old bath, replacing the cabinets with store bought type, replacing new toilet. My bath is large with 2 sinks and good cabinet space. I asked to have some time to consider cost. Will discuss with Cook mid next week. He estimates work to be completed by Christmas.
Sue Inman More than 1 year ago
Wow. That scares me since we are talking about doing our bathroom. Thud....I just fainted!
Wanda Messer More than 1 year ago
My question, is where are these homes. As seen in article earlier, depending where you live, price ranges are different. It would be nice if people would say what state they are in
Judy kennedy More than 1 year ago
Thank you,when I'm ready,I'll call.
Jackie Dorner More than 1 year ago
The breakdown of info was extremely helpful. As a disabled woman on fixed income, I have a understanding of how to budget.  This is helpful for many people without calling several companies and getting all different prices. I can pick out and purchase my materials, then have installed.  
Sandra Flores More than 1 year ago
I still on the planning stage. I will remodel my bathroom and plan on paying a "Labor only contract"
This page has been very helpful. Thanks to the people sharing their experience I can make better choices. My thanks to everyone.
Ron Harmon More than 1 year ago
I really want to do our master bath, but I can't go over 7,000. We still have carpet in our bathroom and our shower need to be taken out and the BIG soaker tub I want to be smaller I think we will just have to wait a little longer. This article was very helpful. I just can't justify the cost right now. will let you know in the future.
Maureen Turner More than 1 year ago
Ron: I will never get back to you because I don't know how I got here. But, I have some info that may be of help. #1 if you have a tub you can refinish it so it looks like new & leave it there; regarding the shower., you don't have to pull it out, get a frameless shower door and make sure it is frameless. I am in the same boat. I looked up frameless shower door and spent about an hour on the internet site. That is the name of the company that "invented it". They are in Florida. I don't plan to spend big "bucks' at all. Remember, if you are a veteran, Home Depot gives 10% off everything you purchase - - - nobody tells you that . I will. That includes ANYTHING. REFRiGERATORS, ETC. gARDENING, ETC. Just thought I would tell you that. Good luck. I'm still working on estimates myself. $7,000 is a lot of money; I'm looking more at $3,000. Forget the "soaker tub" - - think of it as a pipedream; you will NEVER use it.

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