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Formal dining room

The Price of Formal Furniture: Dining Room Chairs and Buffets

The dining room often contains the most elegant pieces of furniture in the house. Since they are in a place that is considered formal, dining room chairs and tables are typically made to very high standards, with a price tag to match. Hardwood Dining Room Chairs and Tables No matter the particular species, a new…

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Home decor

Speaking the Language of Home Accents

Home accents are furnishings, features and installations that enhance your home’s décor and are usually best when they mix decorative qualities and functionality. Home accents can be anything from a fireplace to a clock, chandeliers to tiny candle holders. They are the backbone of any decorating style and the delicate skin of your home’s interior….

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Bedroom aquarium

The Home Aquarium: Sleep with the Fishes

Pets, like many things, can be a double-edged sword. They’re lovable, sometimes fuzzy, and a lot of fun to watch. A pet can also be loud, messy, and down right destructive. The addition of a home aquarium is a good way to have a pet, but save your carpet and furniture. Wall Aquariums Most fish…

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Outdoor concrete furniture

Get Creative with Concrete Furniture

If you’re like most people, the word “concrete” brings to mind images of driveways and bridges—not tables and chairs. But more and more independent-minded folks are finding that concrete furniture is a way of getting exactly what they want, and adding some flair and originality to their homes. Beyond Concrete Countertops The first widely popular…

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Clean furniture

Protecting Furniture With Fabric Protection

If you purchase a high-quality piece of furniture, fabric protection is something you should think about almost immediately. While some might feel that furniture fabric protection is unnecessary, the fact is, after spending hundreds (or even thousands!) on a recliner, sofa, or loveseat, it is worth the little bit extra to make sure that a…

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Kitchen aquarium

More than a Fishbowl: Custom Home Aquariums

Few things are more rewarding for a homeowner than combining one of their hobbies or passions with home improvement. If you love fish and marine life, you should install a home aquarium that will help you share this passion with your friends and family. A small rectangular aquarium is fine for your kid’s goldfish, but…

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Outdoor mosaic table

Building a Mosaic Table

Mosaic tables are a labor of love. Constructing one is a time-consuming business, but an artistic and fun one, as well. Here’s the basics for building a mosaic table, as well as some other uses of mosaic tile that you may not have already though of. Mosaic Tile Basics Before you start building a mosaic…

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Antique furniture

You Can’t Go Wrong with Antique Bedroom Furniture

Few furniture choices are more beautiful, classy, and distinct than antique bedroom furniture. Whether you’re looking for a specific style antique dresser, a wardrobe, armoire, bed, or other specific piece, antique bedroom furniture is a great choice for a number of reasons. Hand Crafted Quality While the looks of an antique are tough to beat,…

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Dining room set

Dining Room Sets

In many modern households, eating occurs all over the place. Kitchens, living rooms, and even bedrooms are often where meals happen on a daily basis, while the dining room is reserved for special occasions. When it’s time to pull out the fine china and silverware, it’s nice to have a dining room set that will…

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Living room furnishings

Get the Most from Your Living Room Furniture

The living room is one of the most important rooms in any household. Whether you have a large family or you entertain regularly, chances are your living room will be one of the most frequently occupied rooms in your home. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your living room furniture, here are…

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