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Beachfront Home

Beach House Planning and Design

Many people’s idea of a dream home involves more than just the house itself. Owning a home on the beach is a luxury most people never know and beachfront property is becoming scarcer and scarcer. When you do see a suitable beachfront lot up for sale, the price is usually high. This may mean a…

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Steel framing

Building a New Home? Frame with Steel

Steel framing is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of using traditional wood construction to frame your new home, your contractor will use steel beams to support your home instead. Steel framing is stronger than wood construction, doesn’t warp or crack like wood, is impervious to insect infestations and is very cost comparable to boot….

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Personalized home interior

Become Master of Your Own Domain: Design Your Own Home

Many people who want to build their new home from scratch run into the exact same problem as Matt Talbert experienced when he began to look through floor plans. Nothing fit. Both the general design of the house and the fact that he had procured an odd-shaped building lot on Possum Kingdom Lake (about 80…

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Hay on the ground

Straw Bale Construction: Hay Is For Houses?

For centuries, people have used natural materials to build and support their homes. Reusing mud, paper, tires, and even bottles has become a popular trend in today’s eco-conscious culture. But one of the oldest established forms of conservation is straw bale construction. It first gained acceptance in America during the early 20th century when pioneers…

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Green building

Green Building Glossary

Abatement: Reducing or removing any kind of pollution. Agricultural Bi-products: Products developed in agriculture but are not a primary product. This is often converted into building materials, such as straw used in wall panels or entire bales used as building blocks. Agricultural Fibers: Natural fibers, such as cotton, often used as insulation materials. Air Quality…

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Modular home exterior

Modular Home Construction

Modular homes offer many distinct advantages over traditional site-built structures. The benefits of modular home building range from financial to environmental, and once finished, most homeowners would be hard pressed to spot the subtle differences between a home constructed modularly and one constructed conventionally. Modular home construction is not the right choice for every situation,…

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Mediterranean home

Being Open to a Mediterranean House Plan

The Mediterranean house plan is defined by an open style with large exterior windows, a low-pitched, tiled roof, and stucco or brick siding. This openness hearkens toward pleasant weather, making the Mediterranean house plan a favorite for warm climate locales. While any house plan seeks a stunning appearance, few equal the raw curb appeal of…

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Colonial home

Saltbox Colonial Homes

The saltbox house and building style came about because of necessity, pure and simple. Early colonists, with homes built in the traditional Colonial style, often found themselves needing more space as their families grew. The most cost effective way to get it was to build a one story addition onto the back of their home…

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Colonial home

Imitating History: The Colonial Home

Colonial homes are designed in the style of houses built by America’s first European settlers; homes that were an imitation of English building styles of medieval times. The traditional colonial home consists of a two story, square or rectangular house with steep, gabled roofs, a large, central door, a central chimney and fireplace, and an…

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Panelized home

Streamline Homebuilding with a Panelized Home

Panelized home construction is becoming more popular for several good reasons. Panelized homes are not only cost-effective, they are energy efficient, faster to construct, and extremely versatile in their designs, too. If you have been thinking about building a new house, or creating that vacation home you’ve always wanted, here are a few reasons why…

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