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residential wood ramp

Ramp Calculator

Safety is a top priority when building a wheelchair ramp and can be achieved by complying with ADA standards. This wheelchair ramp calculator helps you find the appropriate length for your ramp to avoid accidents and improve ease of use. On This Page Measurements Needed Ramp Calculations Tips FAQs Measurements Needed Choose the incline based…

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happy parents teaching children at home

Guide to Room-by-Room Repairs for Easy Accessibility for Disabled Loved Ones

Across the globe, there are more than a billion people living with a disability. From mobility issues to cognitive impairment, disabilities affect many people’s lives, whether by living with or loving someone who is differently-abled. Would you like to have your home professionally remodeled to adapt to your loved one’s needs? Are you considering tackling…

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Blind woman with guide dog sitting on sofa at home

The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Home for a Service Dog

Welcoming a service dog into your home is a life-changing opportunity, and like all major life events, requires plenty of preparation. You’ll need to make some minor, but important, modifications to make your home accessible for your new companion. Use the following guide to optimize your home inside and out will help your service dog…

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Stair lift on staircase for elderly people.
Digitalization. Cheerful and positive senior woman in wheelchair using laptop
Smiling home caregiver and senior woman walking together
Aging in place

Preparing Your Business for the Aging-in-Place Boom

America’s population is aging. The number of U.S. residents 65 or older is expected to reach nearly 73 million by 2030, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And as many of America’s homeowners approach old age, the skills and knowledge needed to help them prepare for aging in place are becoming increasingly important. According to…

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Wheelchair Ramp

Wheelchair Access Ramps

Building ramps makes areas more easily accessible to people who have trouble using stairs or use walkers, personal scooters, and wheelchairs. As the population of this country grows older, the need for things like wheelchair ramps is becoming more pronounced in both public buildings and private residences, as well. In some cases, installation is a…

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Home Health Aides For Elderly Make Life Easier

Your mother is happy where she is, and values the comfort and independence of living at home. She likes her community and neighborhood, and likes being surrounded by memories and artifacts collected over many years. But lately she has been venturing less and less into the community, and the artifacts and empty rooms in her…

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