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Updated March 2, 2017

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I know what you’re thinking: faux windows? Don’t be too quick to judge. Imitation windows are actually a very popular choice to add color, depth, beauty and light to rooms where real windows aren’t an option. Whether you choose an oil painting of an ocean view or an actual reproduction of the view of the barnyard outside grandma’s kitchen window, the list of images you can put behind a faux frame are as varied as your imagination.

What Is a Faux Window?

Faux windows are simply pictures of a view that you can attach to your wall. You can install an actual frame over the picture to add authenticity to the effect, or there are faux windows where the “frame” is part of the picture itself.

Why Yes, that Is Mt. Everest out the Back Window

There are two types of popular imitation windows to choose from. The first type aims to produce realistic reproductions (usually using digital photography) of whatever scene you feel is appropriate for your home. Stock photographs include woodland scenes, mountain vistas, seaside views, or just typical backyard garden scenes with tire swings and play equipment. The advent of digital photography has given rise to an entirely new branch of this style of imitation windows, as well. For a higher price, you can have a faux window made with whatever scene you deliver to the company. That might be Grandma’s farm, the beach where you spent your honeymoon, or that great picture you took of the Himalayas during last years Everest expedition. Really anything goes!

For More Artistic Sensibilities

Many homeowners figure that since a faux window isn’t going to fool anybody for long, why not lean more towards the artistic side of things from the get go? For these homeowners there is a wide range of window-view paintings to choose from that serve the same purpose as a photographic reproduction, but with a little more artistic flair. Oil paintings of ship-filled bays, sun lit meadows, lighthouses, and even windowsills filled with wine bottles and a few choice pieces of fruit, are all popular choices if this sounds more to your liking.

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Why Go Faux?

Undoubtedly, many of you are asking the all important question: Why? First and foremost, these imitation windows add texture, light, and depth to rooms where real windows can’t be installed. You’d be amazed what a quality faux design can do as far as making a room feel larger and more inviting. Add to that the fact that some imitiation windows double as pieces of art, and it’s clear why many homeowners choose to have these interesting “windows” installed into their homes.

Talk to a faux window retailer to get a better idea of designs and styles available to you, as well as where the best place to hang one of these innovative window solutions in your home might be.

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