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Updated March 2, 2017

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A retractable screen door is a flexible screen door that retracts and rolls up into a housing attached to the edge of your door jamb. A retractable window screen operates in the same fashion, though it usually retracts vertically instead of horizontally. Regardless of your outdoor screen needs, these innovative screen designs are the cream of the crop, and their cutting edge design is revolutionizing the door and window screen industry.

How a Retractable Screen Door Works

Retractable doors work by “rolling up” into a housing that hangs vertically on the outside edge of the door jamb when you’re not using them. On a single door setup, a retractable screen door reaches across and attaches to a fitting on the other side of the doorway. In the case of double wide doors, a retractable door seals magnetically in the center of the doorway to a second unit mounted on the opposite side. Most retractable screens require that you also install a track along the top and bottom of the door jamb to keep it in place when it’s extended.

Why Choose Retractable Window Screens over Traditional Styles?

There are two main reasons to install a retractable screen door or retractable window screen. The first is that it can be challenging to find a standard screen door, or screen, to fit the space provided by some exterior door and window styles. Arched doors, French doors, and even some sliding style doors, can present serious obstacles when it comes to finding a screen door that is effective, functional, and attractive at the same time. Since a retractable screen door fits any door style, from traditional on up to the most unique designs, it is the perfect solution for doorways where traditional hanging screen doors aren’t practical. The second reason to choose a retractable window screen over standard models is the view. Standard screens are in your line of sight year round, dulling your view of the outdoors, collecting dust and debris, and blocking sunlight. With a retractable window screen, or a retractable screen door, that ceases to be a problem. These door and window screens disappear when fully retracted, meaning the view out of your glass door or window is unobstructed and clear as day.

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Retractable Screen Doors Work Wonders

The benefits of these innovative screen solutions, besides what’s already been mentioned, are obvious. They provide a combination of convenience, ventilation, and protection, in doorways and windows where all three were previously unattainable. Take those French doors, for example. Up until now you’ve had to make a decision between letting in fresh air and keeping the bugs out. Not anymore. A retractable screen door provides you with the best of both worlds, so you can enjoy cool spring evenings without worrying about letting pests such as flies and mosquitoes into your home.

If you’re interested in having a retractable door, or retractable window screen, installed in your home, talk to a window specialist experienced in these innovate screen solutions about getting your new retractable screen units installed as soon as possible.


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    Customer purchased a 6′ retractable screen door but requires a 5′ retractable screen door. How much do I cut off the upper and lower tracts?

  2. Renee Steeg, May 18:

    How do I get the screen down in a retractable Anderson storm door

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