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by Marcus Pickett

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Austin was made for swimming pools. Not only is it hot for an extended period of time, but the dry, sunny climate makes it perfect for swimming six or seven months of the year. Public swimming pools are great, but the free, municipal pools are open only two short months in the summer. You have your own pool to take advantage of the full pool season, but this extended season also requires more diligent swimming pool maintenance for Austin homes.

Daily and Weekly Austin Swimming Pool Maintenance
Most homeowners know the bare essentials of swimming pool maintenance involve water purity and filtration. Ideally, you should monitor the pH and chlorine levels of your swimming pool water every day and, at the very least, every other day with limited use. If anything, err on the side of slightly heavy chlorine levels. Many more problems arise from low chlorine levels than high ones. Plus, the direct sunlight of Texas can de-chlorinate the water in your pool faster than other places in the country.

Basic chemical treatments won't be nearly enough to maintain a healthy pool environment without a properly operating filter system. Check the filter pressure and remove debris from the strainer every day. Give the pool pump, hoses, and filtration system a quick inspection, looking and listening for anything out of the ordinary. The sooner you identify problems with your pool pump and filtration, the more likely you can troubleshoot and fix these problems before they wreck the water quality and cleanliness of your pool.

Finally, at least once a week or more often if needed, clean and inspect the pool itself. More than just removing floating debris with a skimmer, use a nylon and/or stainless steel brush to clean the walls or lining of your pool and remove any algae that may be taking root in the nooks-and-crannies of your pool. Again, early identification will be the key to simple remedies or more expensive solutions, regardless of whether you can fix the problem yourself or need to call in a professional.

Professional Austin Swimming Pool Maintenance, Repair, and Remodeling
Of course, even diligent homeowners may need assistance from Austin swimming pool professionals from time to time. Pool accessories and parts break down. Some forms of fungus and algae can become resistant to virtually any available chemical treatment. Simple repairs probably won't be particularly expensive or time-consuming. Other repairs can become more complicated. Some may even warrant replacement instead of pool repair. Old pool installations, in particular, were often fitted with filter systems that are inadequate for the pools they service.

It might also be time to consider upgrades not just to your pool but your pool surrounds: everything from a pool deck or patio to beautiful landscaping or a safety pool fence. With a pool cover, heating system, and/or wetsuit, you can also transform your pool into a place of year-round enjoyment and exercise.

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Cost of Austin Swimming Pool Maintenance
As you would expect, each Austin swimming pool maintenance, repair, and remodeling project has its own cost estimate. HomeAdvisor tracks all kinds of pool projects in Austin and around the country to give you an idea of how much your project might cost. Of course, the only way to get an exact estimate is to let us match you with Austin swimming pool professionals. Here's a list of common pool projects and their average costs to prepare you for what lies ahead:

Austin Swimming Pool Maintenance and Cleaning: $275
Austin Swimming Pool Repair: $1,000
Austin Swimming Pool Covers: $750
Austin Swimming Pool Heaters: $2,000
Austin Swimming Pool Remodeling: $10,000

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