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The climate in Houston is all its own. Periods of light rain, periods of heavy rain, and periods of hot, piercing sun can make lawn maintenance tricky. No manner of lawn care is ever 100 percent effective, and there are dangers both to under-watering and over-watering. But to sit back and think that it rains a good amount in Houston, so your lawn should be fine is a recipe for disaster.

Advantages of Houston Sprinkler Systems
An automated sprinkler system is a great way to help control exactly how much water your lawn receives. It can be easily switched off and on with the press of a button, meaning all you need to do to get a consistent and healthy amount of water to your lawn is watch your weather forecast. Of course, meteorology is a notoriously inexact science so you'll want to keep a fairly diligent eye on the weather. Still, even sketchy weather forecasts are significantly better than watering your lawn every day or assuming Mother Nature will take care of your lawn for you.

Another important practice is to water your lawn during the late morning and early afternoon of sunny days. Just because it hasn't rained in several days doesn't mean your lawn can be watered whenever it's most convenient for you. When you turn on your sprinklers in the late evening, the water has a tendency to sit on your lawn for an extended period of time, allowing fungus and other lawn diseases to attack your lawn.

Houston Sprinkler System Design
Besides eliminating the need to drag cumbersome garden hoses around your lawn, a sprinkler system will enable you to water your lawn in a precise, healthy manner. Different irrigation zones can be created that will allow you to more heavily water areas of your lawn that see more of the sun. Water pumps and valve systems will also create consistent water pressure, meaning the last sprinkler head will put out the same amount of water as the sprinkler closest to your water source. Exact measurements for sprinkler head placement will ensure that your lawn receives a consistent irrigation pattern while keeping your home's foundation safe from water damage.

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Cost of a Houston Sprinkler System
HomeAdvisor tracks home improvement projects all across the country, including sprinkler systems in Houston. Our data tells us the average cost of a sprinkler system is about $2,500 with simple projects ranging as low as $1,000, and major projects running more than $5,000. Particularly in Houston where lawn irrigation can be tricky and individualized for the homeowners' needs and lawn sizes, we see the full range of sprinkler system installation costs.

Project Length of Houston Sprinkler System Installation
Too many homeowners think installing a sprinkler system is barely more complicated than laying down the water lines and putting in sprinkler heads. Nothing could be further from the truth. Any irrigation system requires a specialized water delivery system and exact measurements. Homeowners often make the project more complicated by getting in over their heads. Let us put you in touch with a professional Houston sprinkler system contractor before you make this mistake. Or, these same professionals can also salvage and finish a sprinkler system installation that you began. Even a professional Houston sprinkler system installation will take a few days to complete.

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