Philadelphia Garage Remodeling

by Jon Nunan

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In the past, people thought of a garage simply as a convenient space to put a vehicle or store holiday decorations. Though these are certainly two excellent uses for a garage space, today's homeowners are finding that a garage is well suited for much more. In a place where space is expensive, like Philadelphia, garage remodels are an excellent way to increase the amount of useable room for your household. Don't worry, there will still be plenty of room for some plastic pumpkins, and maybe even a car or two!

Benefits of Garage Remodeling in Philadelphia
Making the most of the space you have is a must in Philadelphia. Garage renovation takes the space you already have available and turns it into more than just covered parking. Utilizing a space that already exists is much less expensive than creating additional space. Though many garages in the city might seem to already be filled to capacity, when approached with a well thought out plan, even these relatively cramped areas are versatile enough to perform multiple functions.

In addition to the benefits of creating more useable space, Philadelphia garage remodels are also a good way to increase security (always a concern) and improve function. The difference between a squeaking, sticking garage door and one that operates smoothly and quietly at the touch of a button is immense. Vehicles in the city of brotherly love are subjected to a full range of weather conditions, not to mention an unfortunately high crime rate. A garage that doesn't properly protect your vehicle from theft, vandalism, or the elements can be transformed in a matter of weeks (or even days) into a secure and attractive place to house your second biggest investment.

Philadelphia Garage Remodeling Ideas
If you generally use your garage to park your car, a remodel should create as much room as possible while still leaving space for your vehicle. Adding shelves and other storage system elements is a good starting point, but many find that creating a small storage attic for the garage will create enough extra room to add a workplace (or a pool table) while keeping enough space free for your car.

Making the most of a Philadelphia garage remodel is always a good idea, both financially and practically, so you don't want to leave the results of this project up to chance! Even if you plan on performing some or all of the alterations on your own, it is extremely beneficial to consult with a professional during the design phase of garage remodeling. Philadelphia homeowners who go it alone on such projects often miss out on some of the features and techniques that really make a garage remodel worthwhile. A professional designer will have ideas and suggestions that most of us would never come up with on our own; a few consultations with a professional designer before you begin your alterations will typically result in a more efficient, attractive, and ultimately practical renovation in the end!

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Philadelphia Garage Conversions
For homeowners close to center city Philadelphia, garage conversions are often the most effective and lucrative choice for an unused or inefficiently used garage space. Unlike simple remodels, full Philadelphia garage conversions are able to increase actual living space. While homeowners on the outskirts of the city might not benefit as much as much from full garage conversions, Philadelphians who live closer in will find that the addition of an extra bedroom, living room, or even efficiency apartment in the space that the garage used to occupy is an extremely worthwhile project. Philadelphia garage conversions are certainly more expensive than simple organizational remodels, but the increased living space (and resale value) can certainly justify the larger initial investment, especially if the property is short on living space to begin with.

Philadelphia Garage Remodeling Prices
As with any other home improvement project, make sure to shop around before you make a final decision on who will do your work. In Philadelphia, garage remodeling starts at around $5,000 and can go well over $10,000 for full conversions. The work usually takes between a few weeks and a month to complete, though, unlike jobs in the house proper (such as kitchen remodeling), the crew you hire will not need to access the house for most of the duration and will cause a lot less disruption of your daily routine.

Jon Nunan is a freelance writer who draws on his experience in construction, ranging from landscaping to log home building, for his articles on home improvement.