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by Jon Nunan

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L.A. is known the world over for its beautiful weather and gorgeous people. Anyone who remembers the theme song to the "Beverly Hillbillies" knows that southern California is "the place you wanna be", if you're looking for swimming pools and movie stars—and there's no question that the hottest spot for both of these is Los Angeles. Swimming pool maintenance is probably not the first thing you picture when you think of the glamorous life, but those who have a pool know all too well how decidedly unglamorous it can get if it isn't regularly attended to.

DIY Los Angeles Swimming Pool Maintenance
Though it's been established that this task is hardly representative of the "good life", many homeowners find that caring for their pool is one of the more enjoyable jobs around the house. Far better than taking out the trash or doing the dishes, pool maintenance is an interesting blend of physically removing debris and particles from the water and keeping the chemical levels in the pool balanced.

To do a good job of this, it's often necessary to do some research. The amount and types of debris you'll have to contend with will vary depending on where in the city you live and other environmental factors. The chemicals you'll need to add to the water will depend on how often the pool is used, the time of year, and a few other variables. Knowing what to do and when to do it is a task that many pool owners take pride in, but can often require a little practice to get it right.

Benefits of Professional Los Angeles Swimming Pool Maintenance
As the saying goes, one man's poison is another one's day in the sun, or something to that effect. While keeping a pool in prime condition is a fun and interesting challenge for some, it's enough work that many pool owners don't have the time to do as good of a job as they'd like to. By hiring a professional to do the work for you, you get all the benefits of having a perfectly clean and comfortable pool, and a little extra time to swim or relax by it, too!

L.A. Pool Maintenance Prices
Some folks are under the impression that it's too expensive to hire other people to take care of your pool. Hey, we're not all movie stars or oil tycoons, right? The fact is, however, that swimming pool maintenance in Los Angeles is often far less expensive than you might think, and when you consider the amount of time and hassle you'll save, not to mention having a pool that's always balanced cleaned by a professional, hiring a company to do the job for you is well worth looking into for any household that uses its pool regularly.

For weekly swimming pool maintenance, Los Angeles residents should expect companies to charge less per visit than they would for monthly or one time visits. Prices vary quite a bit depending on the size of your pool; in fact, sometimes people hire professionals to clean their hot tubs, which involves far less work, and is therefore much less expensive. Our figures show that the national average price for opening or closing a pool is less than $300. Our L.A. numbers show that, on average, homeowners in the area generally pay between $100 and $250 for regular pool service.

Jon Nunan is a freelance writer who draws on his experience in construction, ranging from landscaping to log home building, for his articles on home improvement.