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by Jon Nunan

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Building a deck is a double-edged sword in some areas of the country. On one side, there's really no better place to entertain or relax than on a backyard deck. On the other hand, high levels of precipitation and long periods of cold weather can not only cause excessive damage to a deck, but can restrict the amount of time a deck can be used throughout the year. Since there's no shortage of fine weather in San Diego, deck installation is not just a common project, but also an investment that can be enjoyed in nearly any season. If you're thinking of ways to add quality to your lifestyle and value to your home, building a deck is certainly a good choice in a place like southern California.

Trusted San Diego Decking Materials
Because San Diego deck installations are not subjected to the kinds of abuse you'll find in other areas, there will not be too many limitations when it comes to choosing the right material. Species like Pine, when properly and treated, can have a relatively long life span in the mild southern California climate. Other materials like plastic and composite lumber that are designed to weather the elements will probably last a long time, too, but might not be the best choice for your situation as they are a bit more expensive than many wood species (and tend to imitate, but not duplicate, the look of real wood). Tropical hardwood species like Ipe are extremely durable and long lasting, but cost more to purchase and are more difficult to build with.

Basically, the deck materials you and your contractor decide on should have a good balance of cost-effectiveness, durability, and appearance. In many cases, what's right for one household might not be the best choice for a home across town, or even one down the block; and though higher-end materials might be an excellent investment in Minneapolis or Boston, San Diego deck builders may suggest less expensive materials that will perform comparably in the relatively mild climate.

Prices of San Diego Deck Installation
The national average is a little less than $15,000 for deck installation. San Diego residents, however, can expect an average deck installation to come in closer to $16,000. Obviously, prices will vary depending on the size of your deck and the materials you use. For DIYs out there, the cost of building a deck can be reduced significantly, as much of the total prices come not from materials, but labor.

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Hiring San Diego Deck Builders
There are several things to consider before you build your deck. You'll need to know how big you want it, of course, but you'll also need to decide what options you want on it (benches along the railings, outdoor lighting, etc.) as well as figure out what material will work best for your home in San Diego. Deck builders are able to construct a suitable deck for just about any environment, but San Diego deck builders are usually able to make suggestions about materials and options that they have seen work particularly well under local conditions.

When hiring deck builders, San Diego is a place where homeowners have plenty of options. While the latest statistics on deck builders per capita are a little difficult to come across, you can bet that sunny SoCal has more than most areas! This is why, when comparing prospective deck builders, San Diego homeowners might need a little more info than the average phone book can offer. Here's where HomeAdvisor can help!

HomeAdvisor gives you an edge when looking for deck builders. San Diego homeowners who have used our service before are free to rate and review the companies they were matched with, and by reading these reviews, you'll gain more insight into how a particular company will perform for you. Additionally, each of the contractors we'll match you with has been pre-screened, so you'll know right from the start that the company you pick is not a fly-by-night operation. Of course, getting multiple quotes is the biggest factor in getting the best service at the most affordable price; when using HomeAdvisor to find local deck builders, San Diego homeowners will be matched with several prospective contractors with a single request. Most homeowners find this method far more convenient than cold calling multiple contractors they find in the phonebook!

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