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How Much Does it Cost to Clean Construction Site?

Clean Construction Site Costs
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After any major construction project, you may be responsible for cleaning the construction site. Your first step should be to contact a cleanup professional who can explain what their service entails and pricing.

Trash removal

One of the biggest advantages to using a cleanup service is trash removal. The cost to clean a construction site will include removing all trash and debris. They will bring their own dumpsters and trucks to get rid of it quickly and efficiently. These professionals can also be used for demolition before your project. Using the same pro for all your construction and demolition needs may lower your overall costs.


The cost to clean a construction site may also include salvaging any materials that can be reused for other projects. Salvaging can help not only the environment but also your budget, since money can be gained through refuse recovery.

Red tape

Sometimes permits are required for debris removal. You should speak with your pro to determine who will be responsible for acquiring any permits. This will add to the cost to clean a construction site, but it will also ensure that you're playing by the rules and all of the debris will end up in its proper place.


Cleanup professionals can also help with rapid remediation in the case of a fire. They will help with recovery and restoration by quickly cleaning and getting rid of smoke damage or mold.


The last step in post construction clean up is actually cleaning the area. Construction projects are messy and typically leave you with dust and grime. The cost to clean a construction site will cover this final cleaning, which could include washing windows, floor maintenance, power washing, scrubbing walls and upholstery, cleaning fireplaces, wiping down cabinets and countertops, sweeping exterior surfaces like garages or decks, and cleaning bathrooms.


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