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Waste can be defined in many different ways. It might be piles of garbage, or old broken furniture, or bags of raked leaves from the backyard. However you define waste, you want it off your property and out of your way! But what kind of waste you have will be one of the things that will dictate how much it costs to get rid of it. Here are a few things that will factor into the cost of your waste removal

What is it?

If the waste you need removed is regular weekly trash removal then call your local sanitation company to sign up for weekly service. Usually these services are paid by the month. If you have a one or two time large garbage pick up, many location's sanitation departments will do a one time pick up without needing to have a regular service contract.
If the waste you have could be defined as junk then contact a company that specializes in "junk removal" rather than "trash removal"


If your waste or junk removal involves large heavy objects that need to be lifted, you may pay more. When you call a junk removal company, make sure to tell them if you have heavy and oversized pieces so they can give you an accurate price quote

Where is it?

If your waste or junk is located in a remote place or a hard to access area that a large truck may not go easily, you may be charged extra to get it out of there. If you think this might be the case, share this with your junk or waste removal company when you set up the pickup.


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