How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Dumpster?

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If you're cleaning a lot of stuff out of your house, or cleaning up after a construction project, then you might want to consider renting a dumpster. This will allow you to dispose of a lot of items at once and will be much easier than hauling separate items. The cost to rent a dumpster can be hard to predict, however, and something homeowners might think is more expensive than the reality. The average cost to rent a dumpster is $422. Your first step should be contacting your local garbage service to see if they rent out dumpsters. You can also contact professional dumpster rental companies, who can help you determine what the cost to rent a dumpster will be for your specific needs. Once you figure out who you want to rent your dumpster from, there will be a couple of factors that affect the cost to rent a dumpster.

Length of rental

Some dumpsters can be rented for a month or even permanently with arranged regular pick-up times. Most rentals are for a few days, and this has the lowest cost to rent a dumpster. The price can increase if you keep your rental for longer than your reservation or if you exceed the weight limit agreed upon in the beginning.

Dump fees

Some companies include the dump fees in the cost to rent a dumpster, but some consider this as an additional cost. This fee is for the disposal of the trash you put in your dumpster. The cost for this will vary based on your location as the rules are different across the country.

Type of trash

Recycled trash or "green" waste tends to be cheaper to dispose, making the cost to rent a dumpster for these types of materials more affordable. Non-toxic trash will be more affordable, as well, like old carpeting or furniture. Most dumpster companies won't accept toxic trash like old tires, refrigerators, computer equipment or air conditioners since they can't be disposed of with everything else.

Red tape

You will probably need to obtain a permit to store your dumpster on your lawn or street. Make sure you talk to your pro about who will be responsible for acquiring the proper permits. This shouldn't raise the cost to rent a dumpster by much, but it is a necessary part of the process.
Overall, the cost to rent a dumpster will depend on the size of the dumpster you need, the length of time you need it and the type of trash you throw away. By abiding by local standards, you will save yourself some money. Just make sure to talk to at least three professionals before deciding which company you want to use to ensure you find one that will work for your needs.


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