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How Much Does it Cost to Repair or Seal a Skylight?

Repair or Seal a Skylight Costs
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If you start having trouble with a skylight, it might need to either be sealed or repaired in some other way. If it's leaking, then it will need to be sealed. If the window itself or the machinery holding it in place is broken, then you will need to perform repairs on the skylight. Your first step should be to contact a reputable window professional who can help you determine your particular situation and what you will need to have done to get the skylight back in working order.

Skylight Height

The higher your skylight, the more the cost might be to fix it. It will also depend on if anything needs to be repaired on the outside of the skylight, which would require someone to go on your roof. A handyman might be good for this job, but a window professional could also do it. If you skylight is higher than just one story, then the cost to seal or repair a skylight will likely increase.

Weather-stripping Sealer

Weather stripping is a common way to deal with leaking windows and seal it again. The cost to seal a skylight using weather stripping is one of the most affordable solutions. This can be installed with traditional strips or with self-stick foam.

Window Flashing

Window flashing is a more extensive form of weather proofing and sealing. The cost will be a little bit higher with window flashing. It is created by using caulking and tape, but there are more advanced versions which use specialized foam.

Bundling the Job

Sometimes you can bundle your skylight with other window sealing or jobs around your house. This can help you save on the cost to seal a skylight while getting other projects completed.

Broken Pane

If one of your panes in the skylight is broken, maybe after a storm or a branch falling through it, then a window professional will need to replace the window. This will be an expensive investment as the entire window will need to be taken out to replace the window pane, and it might be easier for you to get a whole new skylight window, depending on the type of skylight window you have.

Broken Skylight Mechanism

Your skylight's mechanism to open and close will vary in price to fix, depending on the time of mechanism you have. If you have a remote-controlled mechanism, it could be as cheap as putting in new batteries to as expensive as replacing the entire hand-operated system because the moving parts aren't working anymore. Consult your window professional to see exactly how much the estimate will be.

Skylight Replacement

If the seal around your skylight is severely impaired or your window is too badly damaged from weather damage or faulty installation, then it might be smarter to replace the skylight. If your skylight is older, then it might be worth it to just put in a new energy-efficient model which will have a better seal from the beginning. This will certainly increase the cost, but can mean less maintenance down the road if the problem is bigger.


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Darrell Albu 11 months ago
the first bid I received was for over $1000.00 so this gave me some idea of what it should cost at least. I may look into replacing the window myself for that kind of money.
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