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How Much Does It Cost To Raise A Foundation?

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Raising a foundation is an extreme form of foundation repair in which a house is lifted from the foundation, the old foundation is removed and a new one is built. This is only done in situations where the house is intact, but the foundation has extreme damage. This is also the way historical buildings are moved to new locations: the house is lifted from the foundation, a new foundation is built in a new location, and the house is placed on top of the new foundation. As you can imagine the raising of a foundation is a large and expensive job. It is difficult to anticipate the exact costs of raising a foundation, but here are a number of factors that will affect the cost

Size of the Home

One of the largest cost factors in the raising of your foundation is the size of your home. The larger the home the more it weighs and the more complicated the process of raising it or transporting it. Most companies that do raised foundations will be able to give you a cost estimate based on the square footage of your home, but every price will be different based on other details such as number of floors, and the size of your house's footprint

Transporting the House

If you are raising your home, repairing and rebuilding the foundation and replacing the house, this is a less expensive undertaking than moving your home to new location where a new foundation has been built. The cost of transporting a home is expensive, however companies that specialize in moving homes will be able to give you an accurate bid based on the size of your home

Soil or Ground Movement

A lot of foundation issues are caused by poor soil or ground movement, and will require some form of underpinning. If you are rebuilding a foundation in the same area where the old one became damaged, then you must change the way the foundation is built or the same damage will reoccur with the new foundation. Helical piers that are embedded far below the surface into bedrock and used to secure the foundation are considered a long term or permanent fix to foundation issues caused by ground or soil movement.

Landscaping and Cleanup

You may need to move your trees and landscaping to access the foundation. Therefore you must include the cost of replanting or rebuilding your landscaping after your foundation has been raised when panning the budget for this large project.


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Timothy Cass More than 1 year ago
A concentrically loaded pier or one that goes under the footing and all the way down to bedrock is a stronger and more permanent type of solution. Installation does not require breaking or removing the footing.  The result is a foundation that far exceeds the home’s original structural integrity, making the foundation better than new. In most cases, this can also be done from inside the basement rather than on the home exterior saving valuable landscaping costs. 
Burdett Jones 11 months ago
you only gave me one company to do the lifting and I have already talked to them

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