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How Much Does it Cost to Level or Mudjack Concrete Slabs?

Level or Mudjack Concrete Slabs Costs
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Concrete leveling, or "mudjacking" as it is sometimes called, is a method by which concrete is poured or pumped under and existing concrete slab that has been cracked to level out the different areas and make the surface flat again. Concrete leveling is most often used in situations where a concrete foundation has cracked or sagged and the sagging areas need to be brought level to support the structure.
Mudjacking can be used for cement floor leveling, concrete patio leveling - basically any cement slab repair can be fixed permanently with concrete leveling. The process of concrete leveling is that holes are drilled in the concrete slab around the area that is cracked or sagging, and new concrete is pumped into those holes to "jack up," or raise the level of the concrete that is causing the problem.
You may be worried about the cost of concrete slab leveling. Here are a few things that can affect your costs.

Materials for Mudjacking

There are a variety of qualities of materials that can be used in mudjacking. Do not try to save money by using subpar quality of fill material. Many companies will try to skimp by using fill material that has too much sand or silt in it. Talk to your service professional to make sure they use the highest quality fill.

Concrete Accessibility

If the area to be leveled is in a tight, confined or hard to access area then you may be charged more for labor. It is difficult to get the machinery into tight areas and so other structures, concrete or lawn may need to be removed for the pro to get in there to do the work. You may pay more in upfront labor costs for this. Then also consider the labor costs of replacing or repairing areas of your home or lawn that needed to be dismantled to make room for the leveling machine.

Amount to be Raised

The amount that your concrete will need to be raised to make it level will also affect the cost of labor. The more "jacking" that needs to be done, the higher the cost.

Warranties and Guarantees

It takes approximately one year for a concrete leveling job to settle into its final place. Most companies will give you a guarantee that there work will hold for a specified amount of time. Make sure to discuss this ahead of time with your pro to make sure your investment does not go to waste.


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Charles Antonini More than 1 year ago
have a 2 foot by 12 foot pool deck leaning away from pool and a 12x12 patio that has a sunken corner bid price was 750 USD
Tc Dininger 6 months ago
My front porch was poured in three even slabs however two of the slabs have sunken in where the slabs make contact with my house.  Based on my research, it should be an easier job due to the location of the area.  I will pay cash if the expense is within my budget.
Cheryl Carter More than 1 year ago
3 slabs of concrete saw cut too deep needs lifting on one side. Its a part of the driveway but not driven on.
Dolores Fields More than 1 year ago
I plan to pay cash if the cost is in my budget.