Laundry Room Cost Guides

If you are lucky enough to have a separate laundry room for your washer/dryer, you know the convenience of having a separate place to deal with the ongoing responsibility of doing the laundry for your family. Or perhaps you have always wanted a laundry room and are thinking of adding one to your home, by turning a basement or small room into a laundry room. Improving a current laundry room, or building a new one can incur a wide range of costs depending on how you approach it. But there are a few major factors that will affect the cost of installing or improving a laundry room.

Configuring Your Space

The first factor that will influence the cost is the size of the room. The larger the room, the higher the price of both labor and materials for drywall, flooring, paint wall covering or any other details you choose to have to make the room the perfect place for your needs. If you already have a room in your house that you want to turn into the laundry room, then building walls may not be a consideration, but any kind of addition or reconfiguration of an existing space could incur these costs.  Continue Reading

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Water and Electricity

Do you already have water and power running to the laundry room space? If you do not, getting water and the correct amount of power to your space can be another cost to take into consideration.

Cost of Appliances

Another major cost consideration when setting up a laundry room space is the cost of the washer/dryer. When investing in a washer dryer, it is worth doing some online research to see what the prices, warranties and projected life of different brands might be. What might seem like a high price upfront, may ultimately be the better buy if the machines have a longer warranty and projected lifespan. Some machines may also have better energy efficiency and therefore can save you in the cost of your water and power bills.
Finally, the extras you add can also add to the cost of the laundry room. You may want to add shelving, cupboards and flat work surfaces to make the ironing and folding of your laundry easier and more efficient. These little extras can also be added at a later date if they are not in your budget from the beginning.