How Much Does Washer and Dryer Installation Cost?

Typical Range:

$50 - $2,000

Find out how much your project will cost.

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Updated April 17, 2024

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  • Hiring a pro for washer and dryer installation ensures correct hookups, potentially preventing structural damage and premature appliance replacement.

  • The average cost to install a washer and dryer ranges from $350 to $2,000.

  • The cost of this project depends on drain pipe material, location of appliances, plumbing work required, and type of dryer installed.

  • Installing washer and dryer hookups can improve convenience, potentially reduce laundry costs, and add home value.

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Washer and Dryer Installation Cost

The average cost to install a washer and dryer is $110 if hookups are already in place. Homeowners often pay between $100 to $150, but could pay as low as $50 on the low end and up to $175 on the high end.

If this is your first time installing a washer and dryer (or if they’re going to a new spot), expect to pay anywhere from $350 to $2,000.

Average Cost to Install a Washer and Dryer

Average Cost$110
High Cost$2,000
Low Cost$50

Washer and Dryer Hookup Cost

The price to put in washer and dryer hookups averages between $350 and $600 if they’re placed in an ideal location. If the appliances end up in a spot that’s further from your existing plumbing, you could end up paying anywhere from $700 to $2,000 or more.

Your project total will depend on several factors:

Installing a new washing machine outlet costs$100-$250Washers take a standard 120V outlet.
Installing a new outlet (dryer)$500Bigger appliances need a 240V circuit which costs more to install.
Hiring a plumber costs$700-$2,000The further your washer is from the existing plumbing, the more you’ll pay.
Putting in a new drain pipe costs$230-$1,170This cost does not include materials; drain pipes are $.75 to $30 per linear foot.
Adding a dryer vent costs$80-$200Dryer vents expel excess heat and moisture and prevent mold growth.
Creating a laundry room costs$500-$5,000+Larger remodels cost more, simply moving appliances costs less.
Obtaining building permits$30-$150More extensive electrical, plumbing or other remodeling work might require a building permit.
  • Cast iron is the most expensive drain pipe material, PVC is the least costly.

  • An appliance specialist will likely group projects together and charge you less than each itemized cost since they’re doing multiple tasks in one trip.

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Gas Dryer Installation Cost

Installing a gas dryer costs most homeowners between $100 and $200. However, you’ll need to install a gas line if one isn’t already in place. Running a gas line costs between $260 and $800.

Some homeowners opt for a gas dryer because they reach higher temperatures. They dry clothes faster as a result, which lowers the overall cost to run the dryer. This appliance costs between $760 and $1,650.

Cost to Install Washer Dryer Hookups in Garage

Putting washer and dryer hookups in the garage typically ranges from $350 to $600 but could cost up to $2,000. There isn’t any price difference with garage installation, though you might have more flexibility in accessing pipes which would lower your project price.

Washer Installation Cost

Installing a washer costs anywhere from $600 to $2,700, including the price of the appliance. If a lot of plumbing work needs completing, this might raise your price up to $4,050.

If you already have hookups in place, installation will usually cost only $100 to $200. Including the cost of a washer, you’ll pay anywhere from $350 to $2,250. Front-loading machines are usually more expensive than top-loading ones.

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Dryer Installation Cost

Dryers cost anywhere from $650 to $2,200 to install, including the price of the machine. A small, standard compact dryer is usually the least expensive model, costing around $300. A gas dryer is typically more expensive and runs from $800 to $1,200.

Cost to Install a Stackable Washing Machine & Dryer

Stackable washing machine and dryer installation costs at least $150, but could cost up to $600 or more if your home needs extensive plumbing and electrical work. Installation costs include things that side-by-side units don’t require, like adding a stacking tray between the two appliances and leveling the machines.

DIY Washer Dryer Installation vs. Hiring A Professional

Washers and dryers are not only heavy machines that are difficult to move without the help of a professional, but also challenging to install and hook up. Especially if you need to put new hookups in, you should definitely find a plumber and/or electrician who can route and connect everything correctly.

Even though it’s an upfront fee, appliance installation costs are ultimately worth it. Hiring someone saves you time and could even save you money (poor installation can result in structural damage or needing to replace your washer or dryer sooner).

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How do you install a washer and dryer?

Installing a washer and dryer takes less time if there are already hookups in place. A professional will measure and help move the appliances into the right spot and connect them to the proper circuits and plumbing.

When hookups aren’t in place, professionals will locate the proper pipes (or gas lines as necessary), and provide a connection to your new system. They’ll also add dryer vents and electrical outlets. This is sometimes a lengthy (and costly) process if where you want to place these appliances isn’t in a convenient location.

How can you add a stackable washer and dryer in a tight space?

You can hire a professional to add a stackable washer and dryer in virtually any space, as long as the measurements fit. Make sure to find the right fit before ordering.

How much does it cost to add washer and dryer hookups?

On average, the price to add hookups runs between $350 and $600, but it could cost up to $2,000 if a lot of plumbing and electrical work is needed.

Who do you call to install a washer and dryer?

There are specific appliance installation specialists who can add hookups (or simply move and hook up your washer and dryer). Find an appliance specialist near you to get an estimate.

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