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How Much Does It Cost To Install Or Replace A Dryer Vent?

Typical Range: $80 - $1,000

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Dryer Vent Installation & Replacement Costs

Most homeowners spend between $80 and $200 to install or replace a dryer vent, including labor and materials. Total project price can be as much as $1,000, depending on factors like placement, material quality, and installation difficulty. Costs should be the same whether you are dealing with a standalone washer and dryer set or a stackable washer/dryer unit.

the cost to install or replace a dryer vent is $100 or $80 to $1,000.

Dryer vents lead from your clothes dryer to the outdoors, allowing the warm, moist air from inside the unit to escape. Without one, the warm air and moisture would remain in your home. Over time, this could lead to mold, rot, and higher cooling bills. Since this project requires cutting a hole in the exterior of your home, you should hire a professional contractor or carpenter to perform the work.

Average Cost of Dryer Vent Installation

Average Cost$100
High Cost$1,000
Low Cost$80

Cost of a New Dryer Vent

Most homeowners pay $80 to $200 to install a new unit, including labor and materials.

Dryer Vent Costs Breakdown
Metal Dryer Vent (removable screen, spring-loaded damper & weatherproof seal)$30
Vent Kit (transition duct, clamps, wall sleeve & indoor/outdoor vent)$10 - $30
Total Materials Cost:$40 - $60
Labor Cost:$40 - $140 (2-4 hours at $20-$25/hr)
Total Project Cost:$80 - $200

Labor Prices to Install Dryer Vents

In most cases, a professional carpenter can install a dryer vent for $20 to $35 per hour. Typical projects can take 2 to 4 hours for a total labor charge of $40 to $140.

Exact price will depend on the exterior material of your home. Wood-framed homes with vinyl or metal siding will cost less to cut into than those with stucco or log exteriors. In most cases, your contractor can handle the job from start to finish. If you must hire a specialty contractor to cut or repair the opening in your home’s exterior, he/she will charge separately.

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Location of your dryer unit also helps decide project price. Installations close to exterior walls are usually quicker and less expensive to complete, since they need less time and less piping.

Average Vent Kit Costs

Depending on where you buy them, standard kits range in price from $10 to $25 each and include a transition duct, clamps, wall sleeve, and outside vent. Expect to pay $12 to $30 for an indoor kit that includes a transition duct, clamps, and an indoor vent/lint trap.

Homeowners with extensive DIY experience may be able to install on their own using one of these kits. However, improperly-vented dryers can experience lint buildup and cause fire hazards. For that reason, inexperienced homeowners should consider hiring a pro.

Standard vs. Indoor Vent Kit Costs by Supplier
SourceStandard Kit PriceIndoor Kit Price
Amazon$10 - $25$12 - $30
Lowe's$15 - $25about $15
Home Depot$13 - $25$12 - $20
Walmart$10 - $25$12 - $20

Cost of Putting in a New Dryer Vent Hose and Ductwork

Hoses range in price from $5 to $20, depending on length. Ducts typically measure 4 inches in diameter.

Dryer Vent Duct Cost by Size
Length (in feet)Price Range
8$5 - $10
12$10 - $15
20about $20

Most homeowners can replace a hose themselves. However, a professional carpenter will charge $20 to $35 per hour to replace or install new ductwork. Most pros will give a quote for labor and materials together.

PVC vs. Metal Vents

Exterior home units range in price from $5 to $30. Plastic louvered versions average $5 to $15, while metal versions run from $10 to $30. The choice is purely aesthetic, as plastic and metal units perform the same.

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Vent & Duct Replacement Costs

Replacement materials will run between $10 and $30. If you choose to hire a professional, expect to pay $20 to $35 per hour for labor. Most pros also charge a minimum service fee equivalent to 1 to 2 hours of labor.

Unless you are moving the location of the exterior vent, the overall project will cost less because your pro will not need to cut into the exterior of your home. If your home has a warranty, it may cover replacement costs.

Price of Rerouting Vents When Moving Your Clothes Dryer

When moving or reinstalling your dryer during renovations or when upgrading your washer and dryer, you may incur some added charges on top of the standard $80 to $200 project price. The cost to hire an electrician to install a dryer outlet could run you an additional $200 or more. If necessary, the rate to install a new gas line runs between $200 and $800.

Cost of Installing an Outside Vent

Outside units typically fall on the higher end of the $80 to $200 price range because a professional will need to cut a hole in the exterior of your home. Though inside vent kits are available and may cost slightly less to install, an external unit is preferable because the warm, moist air exits the home.

Running Piping Through a Roof

Generally, running piping through a roof is both cost-prohibitive and functionally undesirable. When a pro needs more time and materials to run the ductwork further and/or through insulated attic spaces, project price increases. Furthermore, it is more difficult for a dryer to push air vertically. The lack of ventilation can cause clothes to dry more slowly or not at all. In most cases, an exterior wall is closer and easier to access than the roof.

Installing a Vent Hole Through a Concrete, Cement, or Brick Wall

Homeowners should budget an extra $50 to $150 to cut a hole through concrete, cement, or brick.

Piping Through a Basement, Slab Foundation, or Crawl Space to the Exterior

When the ductwork can run smoothly from the back of the dryer and between floor joists to the outside wall without hitting any other piping, expect your project to cost between $150 and $300. If you must open a wall in order to run ductwork through the floor and to the outside of the house, price can range from $500 to $1,000, including any necessary wall repairs.

When running ductwork through unheated square footage, moisture may condense before it has a chance to exit the home. In cooler climates, homeowners may incur more fees to insulate the hose. For this reason, you should consult a professional before you install a unit through basements, foundations, or crawl spaces.

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DIY vs. Hiring a Handyman

Most handy homeowners can handle replacing a hose on their own. However, since improper installation can be a fire hazard, hire an experienced venting professional to take care of the installation or replacement.


Which is best for my dryer duct: rigid metal vs. semi-rigid galvanized piping?

Rigid metal is the only suitable material for the piping that runs inside walls, floors, or other areas where the duct is not fully visible. Aluminum or galvanized steel material is smooth and prevents buildup of lint.

You can use semi-rigid aluminum hose for transitional locations that are easy to access. However, you should not use flexible galvanized or vinyl piping because it clogs easily, posing a fire hazard.

Where do you place a dryer vent in a tight laundry room or kitchen or bathroom?

In tight spaces, you can install what's known as slim or periscope duct. Its wide, rectangular shape allows you to push the dryer close to the wall, and it can install vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Or, if your building code allows it, your pro may be able to surface mount ductwork to the wall.

How do I know if my new dryer vent is to code?

Professional installers will be familiar with local code and current safety standards. You can also look for products that are certified by a national testing lab, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Should I factor in the cos of adding replacement drywall, concrete or roofing into my budget?

Most installations will not require other repair or modifications. If you must cover the cost of repairing a roof, the price of replacing drywall, or charges to make repairs to a foundation, your project rate could reach the higher end of the $1,000 range.

How much do dryer vent repairs cost?

Like the costs of other home appliance repair jobs, it is sometimes less expensive to replace faulty equipment than to repair it. If you have clogged ductwork, it may be easier to install a new duct than to clean it. If that is the case, most pros will remove the old material at no charge. Just be sure to check with him/her first.

How much does it cost to clean a dryer cent, and how often should you do it?

Costs to clean a dryer vent average $130. Projects can range from $95 to $165 but can be as little as $70 or as much as $280. Basic dryer vent maintenance includes a yearly inspection and cleaning to reduce the risk of fire. Instead of calling a handyman to perform the cleaning, consider hiring a certified dryer exhaust technician who can not only remove existing clogs, but can also help prevent new ones.

How much does it cost to have a washer and dryer installed?

Total estimated costs to install a washer and dryer range from $50 to $1,250. If you are simply replacing the units and already have the vent, electrical/gas, and plumbing lines in place, the project will be at the lower end of the range. If you are starting from scratch and have to price to install gas lines or electrical outlets, expect the cost to furnish a new laundry room to be at the higher end.

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