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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Closet?

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Installing a closet in a room without one can increase the utility and make the distinction between a bedroom and regular room. The average cost to build a closet runs around $1800, but there are a lot of factors that contribute to the price. A basic closet will cost around $700, with high-end closets costing an average of $4,195.

Type of Closet

There are a couple of different kinds of closets. There are walk-in and regular drop-in closets. A professional will be able to tell you what's possible for the room you've chosen. Some types require more walls to be installed, while others can use some existing walls as part of its construction. The more complicated the type and the amount of walls needed to be constructed, then the more the cost to build that closet will be.

Lighting and Ventilation

Two important aspects to any closet, but especially walk-in, are lighting inside to maximize usability and ventilation. The latter for walk-in closets is often forgotten by homeowners. Since it is essentially its own little room, it needs to be properly ventilated for safety. If lighting and ventilation need to be installed from scratch, then it will increase the cost. Lighting will include electrical wiring, which will need to be done by a licensed electrician. You'll have plenty of options to choose from in regards to the type of lighting you want, as well, but this would be your opportunity to really customize your space.

Expanding Closet Space

If you've decided to expand on a current closet, then lighting, ventilation and some of the walls might already be in place. This will make the cost to build a closet much more affordable than starting from scratch.

Permits & Building Codes

Some municipalities require permits for building closets. Make sure to research what's necessary for your area before you begin construction. Abiding by the local codes will be crucial if you ever decide to sell your home. Obtaining any necessary permits might increase the cost to build a closet but will save you a headache and some money in the future.

Closet Organization

If you've decided to install an organization system in your new closet, then this would be a good time to do it. Your professional can install all of these things together to help you save on labor time. However, the cost to build a closet will increase with an organization system due to the increase in materials and time for the project. This would be taking care of two projects at once and help to increase the utility of your new closet.


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Yes, helpful site indeed. I had thought of everything except the permit. Glad I visited this site. Hope if I go with one of these pro's that they can obtain one fast.
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