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by Jon Nunan

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Like many of the eastern cities, Pittsburgh has a long and rich history. That history is apparent when you look at the classic architecture of the city's buildings and houses. Unfortunately, classic houses generally come complete with a need for repairs. Of those that are common to Pittsburgh, window repairs are some of the most cost-effective projects available, and can truly make a difference in many ways.

Pittsburgh Window Repair vs. Window Replacement
If you own a home that was built when the Monongahela was just a trickle, chances are that your windows could probably use some attention. In Pittsburgh's north side and in other older areas of the city, window replacement might not be the best option. Historic windows, though drafty and difficult at times, are growing increasingly rare, specifically because of these problems. If you happen to live in a house with these old, drafty windows, you should definitely look into what it would take to repair them to a more desirable condition before you make the call to have them completely replaced.

Pulling out an old window frame and putting in a new one is a pretty big job, but is necessary to reap the benefits that new windows provide. The downside is that the process is expensive, and in some cases, it could actually require some minor alteration to the existing structure of the house. Alternatives like weatherproofing your old windows or adding storm windows are much less costly and a lot less intrusive, as well.

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Remember, though you can certainly make a home more energy-efficient by installing new windows, the charm of an old one is hard to replace. Those who think they would like to keep their classic windows will probably need to have the old paint stripped away and have the wood sealed against moisture. The windows can then be repainted, broken glass can be replaced, and loose glass can be refitted. Areas around the frame both outside and in can be inspected and any problem areas should be fixed before finally installing storm windows to protect the whole thing, while allowing the charm to remain.

If you live in a newer home near the outskirts of town, the biggest argument against complete replacement is the cost. As long as there are no gaping gaps or drafts, the amount of money you save on energy costs will take an awful long time to come near the price of replacing your windows.

Pittsburgh Window Repair Prices
Generally, replacing broken glass costs around $300 and repairing a window frame is around $400. Installing storm windows costs around $1,800 and can usually be done in a weekend. When considering window repair, Pittsburgh residents should definitely take into account the money that can be saved on utility bills over a cold winter or a hot, humid summer. The cost of multiple window replacement (which averages $6,500 nation wide) should also be compared to any estimate of what repairing and weatherproofing existing windows adds up to.

Jon Nunan is a freelance writer who draws on his experience in construction, ranging from landscaping to log home building, for his articles on home improvement.