Slate Roof Repair Services Near You

Slate Roofing Repair Contractors In Your Area

Slate roofs are built to last over a hundred years, but they still need occasional repairs and maintenance to stay in good shape. Individual tiles can crack and let water leak below the roof's surface. The tile nails or the flashing around the edge can weaken over time. Find a local repair expert who can inspect and maintain your slate roof.

Slate roofers know how to keep your current roof in good condition. Instead of looking for a repair company that can just replace the occasional cracked tile, look for local services that can:

  • Inspect the flashing and fastening annually.
  • Restore your roof after long periods without maintenance.
  • Replace shattered or cracked tiles.
  • Check the roof interior and exterior for signs of excess moisture.

Slate roofs need regular maintenance to last through the decades. Type in your zip code and HomeAdvisor will find slate roof repair services near you.

"Joe Cotter found the problem immediately, took pictures to show me on the ground and repaired the cracked caulking in a few minutes. I will recommend him to all of my neighbors because of his honesty to make a simple repair and not try to jack up the cost. "

--5.0 star review from a homeowner in Leesburg VA

"Made the repair and checked entire roof for further damage, would rehire. "

--5.0 star review from a homeowner in Culpeper VA

"It is with deep satisfaction that I recommend Grady’s Painting and Plastering & Construction. Mr. George Grady is a skilled craftsman. He was hired to correct long neglected and extensive masonry and window issues on a large, beautiful Presbyterian Church built in the Civil War era in Philadelphia. The property was neglected with only minimal maintenance performed over the last 40+ years. The building was in severe decline and in need of stabilization and restoration on many fronts. Cracked ledge plates were chipped out and reestablished, internal walls damaged by leakage were broken out and repaired, brickwork was repointed and in severe cases reestablished to original strength and beauty. Leaks around the base of the building were addressed to stabilize deterioration of the foundation. Large rotted window sills under beautiful stained glass windows were restored after significant masonry reestablishment due to water damage under the rotted out sills. Broken and missing stained glass windows are in the process of repair and replacement. The process started with new metal frames cast by Mr. Grady. The new frames will hold clear painted replications of the original stained glass, also crafted by Mr. Grady. Regular windows all around the church and manse were also repaired and restored. Roof leaks were accurately identified and repaired. A sagging plaster ceiling has been torn out and restored. All this work was done by Mr. Grady alone or with an occasional helper. He worked with care, expertise and respect for the original structure. The results far exceeded our expectations and have injected new life into a building on the brink. This building, owned by the Presbytery of Philadelphia, now houses a new urban ministry in a newly gentrifying area of the city. We are happy to have had the good fortune to be connected to Grady’s Painting and Plastering & Construction by Service Magic."

--5.0 star review from a homeowner in Philadelphia PA

"They have amazing customer service. They were there every step of the way during the project. I am very impressed with Washington Developer Group, Inc, and my roof looks great. "

--5.0 star review from Savannah S. in

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--5.0 star review from Andy R. in Merrifield VA

"Wonderful job. I was working mom took care of it.I am so glad the roof is fixed. We may have some more work later on. Maybe next year. I would like to get this home fixed up. Thank you so much ."

--5.0 star review from Wileen H. in Sykesville MD

"Exceptional customer service."

--5.0 star review from John R. in Clifton VA