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Stair railings are for more than just decoration; they provide stability for those traveling up and down the stairs. One of the simplest ways to improve the looks of an entry way or living room is to update the staircase. It is also a way to ensure that inhabitants remain safe because stairs that are off level or rundown can easily lead to dangerous falls. When a set of stairs is unattractive or unable to be repaired effectively, it is actually quite affordable to simply replace them.

Type of stairs

The type of staircase will absolutely influence cost. Whether you are looking to build a spiral staircase, fold-away attic stairs, patio stairs - each type comes with its own challenges and requirements. Each will need to be built in a certain manner in order to meet building codes and safety standards for your home. People are used to certain dimensions when they utilize staircases and you want to ensure they are safe. A straight staircase is easiest to build - thus less expensive - but it does take up the most floor space.

Type of railings and handrails

When you think of the type of stairs you are building in your home, you must also consider the railing and handrails for those stairs. There are some instances where railings may not be aesthetically necessary or required for safety - but handrails should always be considered - even those mounted to the wall. A simple mounted handrail on a wall can save fingerprints and dirt being smudged down the wall as people instinctively utilize it for stabilization as they walk down your staircase.


The material that you select will most certainly influence cost. If your are building an ornate spiral staircase made of wrought iron railings and granite steps you can expect to spend more. If you are looking to build straight wood stairs with a basic railing to go to your basement, that cost is quite different. Stairs and railing can be made with just about any material under the sun, so choosing the one best for your aesthetic and your budget.

Removal of old stairs/railings

When ripping out an old stairway and installing a new one, the entire project may include a number of other expenses, such as the costs for framing, flooring, electrical, drywall, plaster and paint. The total cost will depend on the extent of the work needed.

Hiring labor

The labor of demolition (if needed) and installation of your new staircase will be a larger portion of the entire cost. Not only will your professionals build your new staircase and handrails, they should also get any and all needed permits and well as make sure that the new installation is up to code.


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