How Much Do Stone Steps Cost?

Typical Range:

$1,000 - $12,000

Find out how much your project will cost.

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Updated April 15, 2024

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  • Hiring a pro for stone steps installation ensures correct measurement, material selection, and proper installation to avoid costly repairs.

  • The average cost of granite steps ranges from $5,000 to $12,000, limestone from $1,300 to $3,250, slate from $2,000 to $5,400, sandstone from $1,750 to $4,500, flagstone from $900 to $5,500, and concrete from $900 to $5,000.

  • Type of stone used, size of stairs, location of installation, and condition of the installation area impact project cost.

  • Popular materials for stone steps include granite, limestone, slate, sandstone, flagstone, and concrete or cement.

  • Stone steps offer durability, aesthetic appeal, and can fit into any space. However, they may require regular maintenance.

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The cost to install stone steps ranges from $1,000 on the low end to $12,000 on the high end, and is roughly $2,200 on average for complete projects. What you pay will depend on the type of stone you select, as well as where you’re installing it on your property, and if you go the DIY-route or outsource the project to a professional. 

Use this guide to find out the average price of your desired set-up, including the cost of granite steps—one of the most popular stone step options among homeowners.

Stone Steps Average Cost

Though installing stone steps doesn’t have to be a pricey project, it often is. Find out what you can expect to pay for installing stone steps on both the high and low end.

Low Cost Average Cost High Cost
$1,000 $2,200 $12,000

Natural Stone Slab Steps Prices

The type of natural stone you choose has the greatest impact on what you’ll pay to install stone steps. The table below breaks down the average prices of the stone varieties most commonly used for this type of project.

Per Linear Foot
InstallationAverage Total
Bluestone$15 - $30$500 - $1,200$900 - $2,000
Granite$45 - $95$4,000 - $9,000$5,000 - $12,000
Limestone$25 - $50$700 - $2,000$1,300 - $3,250
Slate$30 - $55$1,200 - $4,000$2,000 - $5,400
Sandstone$30 - $50$1,000 - $3,000$1,750 - $4,500
Flagstone$15 - $55$500 - $4,000$900 - $5,500
Concrete/Precast Cement$20 - $65$800 - $4,000$1,300 - $6,000
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Granite Steps Cost

Because granite steps cost between $5,000 and $12,000 on average, this option is best for high-budget projects. This rate covers the cost of a 4 to 10-foot stairwell that requires between 10 and 25 linear feet of slab at $45 to $95 per foot. Granite is extremely durable for exterior use and its heavy weight makes it sturdy and reliable once installed, making it an ideal option for outdoor use. However, high installation costs and regular maintenance may put off homeowners looking for low-maintenance, low-cost options.


The average cost to install limestone steps is between $1,300 to $3,250, though this price greatly depends on the quality of the limestone. You may be able to pay even less for a lower-quality limestone, though it may not last as long and will likely require additional maintenance. In general, expect to pay between $25 and $50 per linear foot for this material. Like granite, limestone is heavy, which makes it difficult to install but sturdy and reliable once it is. The material itself is soft and might not hold up as well to harsh elements.


The average cost of installing slate steps ranges from $2,000 to $5,400. It’s a common choice because it’s less expensive than alternatives like granite, yet just as durable and aesthetically appealing. In general, each linear foot of this material costs between $30 and $55. Slate is naturally slip resistant, which makes it a good option for wet areas, like next to a swimming pool or fountain. close to swimming pools. However, prolonged exposure to moisture may eventually cause the material to contract, expand, and even form cracks.

6 natural stone types for steps compared, with flagstone being aesthetically appealing but cracks easily
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Sandstone is a common medium budget option because it costs between $1,750 and $4,500 to use this material for stone steps. It’s as durable as slate but slightly less expensive, with prices ranging from $30 to $50 per linear foot. Sandstone color options range from white to beige so your options in this category are limited. Like slate, it can absorb water over time, making it less ideal for wet climates.


Flagstone is sold in slabs that range from $295 and $900 per ton on average. Because roughly three to six slabs are required to install most stone steps, that means you can expect to pay between $900 and $5,500 for a full project with this material. That’s also about $15 to $55 for the slab. Some of the options above, like limestone and slate, are actually different types of flagstone. This type of stone step is popular because it’s aesthetically appealing, but it can crack more easily than some other materials.

Concrete or Cement 

The cost of concrete steps or cement steps ranges from $900 to $5,000. However, how you choose to install the material will significantly impact what you pay.  Custom-poured concrete steps can cost $300 each for a standard 2-foot-deep, 10-inch-wide step. Longer and wider steps are more expensive. Precast cement is hollow in the middle and can be as little as $100 per step, not including the cost of labor. Although custom-poured concrete steps are pricier, they can fit into any space and are more durable than precast cement. 

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Stone Steps Installation Cost Factors

Expect to pay between $400 and $8,000 for stair installation alone. Along with the material used, there are a couple other factors that determine overall cost, like the size of the stairs, where you want to install them, and the pre-existing condition of the installation area you’ve chosen. 

Stair Size

Most outdoor stairs are between 2 and 3 feet wide, and between 10 and 16 inches deep, and most pre-cut stones are sold in this size. For this reason, you can expect to pay more for steps that are longer or wider than this average, because they will likely need to be custom-cut. If the material is pre-cut or precast but you need a larger width, you might be able to fit two slabs next to each other to save on custom-cutting costs.

Location of Steps

Where you choose to install outdoor stone steps also impacts the overall cost of this project because of the excavations and land preparations that are sometimes necessary.  

  • Front Steps: Installing stone steps in this area may also require removing any pre-existing steps, which can add up to $500 to overall costs. 

  • Patio, Porch or Deck Stairs: Installing new stairs on an existing deck or patio can raise rates because you might need to excavate land to make them fit. In general, you’ll pay between $50 and $100 per cubic yard for land removal. 

  • Basement Steps: Unless you already have basement steps in place, you’ll need to pay an additional $50 to $100 per cubic yard to excavate the necessary space before installation can begin. Otherwise, you’ll pay up to $500 on average to have existing steps removed. Fortunately, basement steps tend to be more standardized in size and type and this usually lowers installation costs overall. Most are about 2 feet wide, with a 7-inch riser height and a tread depth around 10 inches.

  • Building Landscaping Stairs on a Hill: This project is as much decorative as it is functional. Landscaping costs become a major consideration, especially once complete. You might also need to pay for the cost of excavation to prepare the area for the steps. Heavier (and more expensive) options work better here to stay in place during severe weather.

DIY Cost to Install Stone Steps 

Because labor makes up the bulk of stone step installation costs, you can save a considerable amount by doing this project yourself. In general, labor costs are $400 to $8,000 without accounting for the price of material. When you’re doing it yourself, the cost of materials and tools are all you need to budget for. That means you can spend as little as half of what you’d pay a pro to DIY stone step installation. 

DIY vs. Hiring Professional Stone Installers

Building your own steps is possible, but complex. You need to know exactly how to measure the stone width, find the right materials, and have both the skills and tools to cut them to the right size or spread the mortar correctly.

That's why, in most cases, you should hire a stone masonry contractor. Finding the right expert will ensure the project is properly completed so you don’t end up spending more on pricey repairs in the long run.

Granite and Bluestone Treads Prices

If you don’t have the budget for a complete staircase makeover, consider treads instead. Treads cover existing steps to add a better look and protection for the unit. Expect to pay between $10 and $60 per stair tread, or $200 to $1,200 for an entire exterior staircase made from one of these two materials. Using this choice also allows you to mix and match materials, such as concrete steps with granite treads. Here’s a look at the price of stone treads by type.

TypeCost Per TrendTotal Price Including Installation
Bluestone$10 - $25$200 - $500
Granite$30 - $60$600 - $1,200
Limestone$20 - $50$400 - $1,000
Slate$25 - $40$500 - $800
Sandstone$20 - $40$400 - $800
Flagstone$10 - $50$200 - $1,000

Add Stone Treads Over Concrete Stairs

Adding stone treads to your existing concrete stairs can range anywhere from $200 to $1,200. This project makes sense if you have well-functioning concrete stairs that you don't want to replace, but are looking for a cost-effective way to make them shine like new. Stone treads add curb appeal, without taking away any functionality.

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Granite Tread Installation Cost Factors

There are a couple of things that determine the cost of installing granite treads, like how the material is prepared and where it’s installed. 


Whether your granite is precast or custom-poured will have an affect on the overall price of installing this type of tread. You can pay as little as $30 per step for precast granite and up to $50 for each custom-poured granite step. 


Where you choose to install treads will also impact what you pay. If there’s an existing staircase that you’re looking to cover, your costs will be limited to installation and materials. However, if a new staircase needs to be built, you’ll also have to account for any necessary excavation and additional installation fees. 


On average you’ll pay between $500 and $1,000 for the labor costs involved in installing granite treads. 


How much are landscaping stones? 

Landscaping stones cost between $100 and $800 per ton. Use them alongside, but not as stairs. It makes sense to match the type you use for landscaping with your steps.

Can I use natural stone pavers for stairs?

Natural stone pavers are an excellent way to add character to your outdoor staircase. You can use them as the base and top with a tread made from granite or bluestone, or you can build steps entirely from this material. Plus, this method gives you more control over the final look of your steps. Try mismatching rocks for a rustic aesthetic, for example. 

How much does it cost to build an outdoor railing for stone steps?

Prices for outdoor railings range from $20 per linear foot for wood and $50 per linear foot for metal. Powder-coated metal railings are the most durable and tend to fit well with stones. For a wooden look with added durability, consider composite railing options.

What does it cost to build stone steps off an existing stone walkway?

Building stairs off an existing stone walkway will reduce your labor a bit, for a total between $800 and $8,000. Material costs are similar to other projects discussed here. Make sure your landscaping is prepared for the steps.

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