Closing Down Shop: Moving Related Items

by Matt Myers

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We realize that moving is more than just taking all of your possessions and putting them somewhere else. In most cases, you have made a home not just of the house you are leaving, but your neighborhood and your city. The stressful part of moving comes not just from packing and unpacking, but leaving a place you have been calling home. You have a doctor, a veterinarian, a school, a bank, a gym, and these things cannot go in the moving truck with you. This checklist will help you to better organize and prioritize items that aren't going in the truck that must be completed before you move.

Few Days Before
Record Meter readings
Withdraw Safety Deposit Box
Change Cell Phone Number
Close Bank Accounts
Set a Time to Disconnect Phone/Utilities/Internet

1 Week
Car-related maintenance--Service Vehicles that will be on the road (oil changes, tune ups, etc)
Pick Up Dry Cleaning
Notify Friends & Neighbors of Your New Address/Phone Number
Visit all the restaurants, parks, theaters, shops, and anything else that you will not have access to once you move. End your time in this area on the best note possible. Do the things you enjoy.

2 Weeks
Salvation Army/Thrift Stores
Yard Sale
Settle Bills/Accounts with local merchants
Return Library books/rented videos
Cancel/Transfer Gym Membership
Find Home for Plants

3 Weeks
Change of Address
Vet Records for Pets
Transfer Prescriptions
Return/Get Back Borrowed Items
Get Medical/Dental Records
Update Memberships

4 Weeks
Credit Report
Appraise Valuables
Research Tax-Deductible Moving Expenses
Appraisal of current needs (Is my mattress old enough that I can toss it out and buy a new one at my new home, etc.)

Matt Myers is a freelance writer for the home maintenance and remodeling industry. Formerly a contractor specializing in deck building and casework, Matt has written over 500 articles for both homeowners and contractors.