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Undeveloped land isn't ready for construction. Years of uncontrolled grass growth, underbrush, and trees make it not only unusable, but also potentially dangerous. Rotting wood and garbage found on vacant land can be a hazard for anyone who finds themselves on a property and they can harbor diseases. Even developed but abandoned lots quickly grow over with brush and weeds. Before you try to prepare the land yourself, look for a local land clearing service that can take of it.

Land clearing companies know how to make the area safe for construction. They don't just cut down the visible vegetation and remove debris. They can also remove tree and shrub roots so the unwanted plants don't try to take over in the future. Local companies are more familiar with regional plants and invasive species and they have the tools to clear your land quickly without high transportation costs.

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"Contractor was very knowledgeable. Communication only by email. Did not provide card or phone contact information; however he usually responded daily to email contact."

--4.67 star review from Gale G. in Reston VA

"I had another contractor with a Bobcat scheduled but he backed out at the last second. I called Kenneth at A&E and told him of my dilemma and that I was on a tight schedule. He bumped me ahead of another job and got what I needed done in time to start the project. Job well done!"

--4.0 star review from Roy M. in Markham VA