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by Marcus Pickett

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In Newark, attic remodeling is quickly becoming one of the most popular home improvements out there. The city's renaissance is bringing in homeowners with expendable cash, provides opportunities for residents to increase their income, and is leading to more and more people who want to fix up older homes in the Newark area. Many homes have limited space and attics that are great candidates for renovation, making an attic conversion one of the best ways to increase the living space of your home.

Newark Attic Bedroom Remodels: Cost vs. Resale Value
When remodeling your attic, it's a good idea to think about a bedroom. Being able to list your attic as an extra bedroom consistently raises the property value of your home more than other attic remodels. This is more than a semantic distinction. To call an attic a bedroom, it must meet building code requirements including head room, reasonable access, and a fire exit, as defined by local ordinance. Whether you plan on using your attic as a bedroom or not, this decision almost always pays off when it comes time to sell your home. Bedroom attic remodels generally return between 90 and 100 percent of the cost of the remodel. Otherwise, you might be looking at somewhere closer to 60 to 80 percent.

Still, while the basic plan for an attic remodel may be designed with a bedroom in mind, the finishing touches of an attic remodel should follow your personal needs. Lighting, plumbing, and flooring are some of the possible installations that may change depending on whether you plan to use your attic for a workspace, studio space, game room, or the aforementioned bedroom, among others.

Newark Attic Renovation
Sometimes an attic renovation is more about necessity than luxury. Mold is a constant threat to Newark attics, especially in homes with substandard roofing or roof ventilation. Dark, damp places frequently mean mold and, when left unchecked, can create an enormous problem. Mold remediation is a simple, but somewhat hazardous procedure, and must be completed by a professional. The overall cost can be relatively small or fairly substantial (a few hundred dollars to a few thousand) depending on the extent of the infiltration and the nature of the underlying cause. Pest remediation is another common needed service.

Still, without any pressing need, an attic renovation in Newark can be a great idea as better insulation and ventilation can lead to greater energy efficiency, and reduced moisture levels create benefits for your home, reducing the risks of future problems. It can also be the first step to a more complete attic remodel down the road.

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Newark Attic Remodeling Contractors
Generally, HomeAdvisor lists home improvement tasks with a self-explanatory link. If you search for attic remodeling, you won't find this task explicitly listed. This is because attic remodels can mean a number of different things. If you're interested in a comprehensive attic conversion, you'll want to link to the task designated major renovation. More focused and practical attic renovations can be completed by selecting insulation, vent installation, mold removal, or any other task you have in mind. You might also want to talk to an interior designer to discuss options about what to do with your current attic space.

Whatever need you have for attic remodeling in Newark, HomeAdvisor has several reliable, prescreened contractors who can help with the project you have in mind. Once you submit your request, you'll immediately begin to hear from these local contractors, making for an efficient and painless search. You can further use our website to aid in making a confident hiring decision by taking a look at our quality-controlled, online customer ratings and reviews section, where other Newark homeowners have given feedback about their experience with their contractor.

Marcus Pickett is a professional freelance writer for the home remodeling industry. He has published more than 600 articles on both regional and national topics within the home improvement industry.
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