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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Refrigeration System?

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Dealing with a malfunctioning refrigeration system can be a real hassle, especially for business owners that rely on refrigeration on a daily basis. Below are a few of the most commonly reported refrigeration problems and their needed repairs or maintenance.

Common Refrigeration Problems

There are a number of problems that may be experienced when it comes to a refrigeration system. In some cases, the system may stop working altogether, which can spoil stored food.

Another common problem is refrigeration systems getting too cold. When this occurs, foods in a refrigerator may become freezer-burned or otherwise damaged. In other refrigeration systems, this problem could cause other components of the system to become frozen over completely and damaged. This often occurs when the system runs continuously when it should shut off.

In some cases, a refrigeration system may not get cold enough. For food refrigeration, this can be a major problem as many foods, such as meats, fruits, and vegetables, need to be kept at a certain temperature in order to prevent spoilage.

Finally, a refrigeration system may begin leaking water, which can be a serious issue. Over time, the leaking could lead to flooding, mildew, and even dangerous mold growth.

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Typical Repairs and Maintenance

Fortunately, there are repairs that can be done to address just about any refrigeration system problem. When a refrigeration system gets too cold, isn't cold enough, or flat out won't work, a technician can easily test the refrigerant levels and pressure in the system. Refrigerant may then need to be added or pressure changed to achieve the desired results. Generally, a basic inspection will cost anywhere between $100 and $300, depending on the type and size of the system itself.

Another possible repair that may be done, especially in refrigeration systems that are responsible for air conditioning, is re-charging the system. When this is done, the Freon in the system is recharged to ensure the production of cold air. Usually, this can be done for less than $200 and is a simple, quick repair.

Another relatively simple and inexpensive repair is fixing leaks - as long as they're small ones. Depending on what's leaking and the severity of the leak, this can cost around $225 or more, depending on how many leaks are found. Typically, leaks can be detected early if the owner schedules the recommended annual refrigeration system inspections. Doing this is a great way to avoid large and expensive repairs down the road while also ensuring maximum efficiency of the system.

More expensive repairs that may need to be done, especially when a refrigeration system stops working altogether, include replacing the system's compressor or evaporator. These parts can easily cost $1,000 alone in addition to their installation costs, which can tack on another $100 or more.

Dealing with refrigeration system problems can be a hassle, but the good news is that most repairs are relatively inexpensive and much more cost-efficient than needing to replace the entire unit.

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