ServiceMagic is now HomeAdvisor!

Why HomeAdvisor? We changed our name to reflect our commitment to being the #1 resource for home improvement tips, advice and connections.

HomeAdvisor makes it easier than ever to get connected to top-rated and pre-screened service professionals who can bring your home improvement dreams to reality.

And don't worry, HomeAdvisor is, and will always be, completely FREE to use!

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What to Look for on the New


You tell us what you need and our patented ProFinder matching technology will find you the local, pre-screend service professionals who specialize in the type of work you need. We have 85,000 service professionals who specialize in over 500 different home project types, so we've got your needs covered.

True Cost Guide

HomeAdvisor's True Cost Guide takes the guesswork out of budgeting for your next project by providing you with average costs in your area for any type of home project. True Cost Guide ensures you hire the right pro at the right price.

Pro Reviews

Real reviews by real homeowners — browse our free online directory of over 800,000 ratings and reviews and get the peace of mind you need to hire your next home improvement professional.

Emergency Repairs instantly connects you to an available home service professional for emergency repairs 24/7. In addition, when you aren't close to your computer, our Home911 mobile app allows you to find professionals from your smart phone.
More Questions?  

1.  Why did ServiceMagic change its name to HomeAdvisor?

We changed our name to reflect our commitment to being the #1 resource for home improvement tips, advice and connections. We are adding new features to our website that will allow you to not only connect to a home service professional, but also access valuable tools and advice to help you plan and complete your next home project. We feel that the new name is a better reflection of the type and quality of services that we bring to homeowners.

2.  What features & functionality can I expect from HomeAdvisor?

All the same great features you know and love from ServiceMagic, but they are getting better!

  • Completely Redesigned Website – new look and improved functionality makes it easier to get connected to pre-screened service professionals
  • True Cost Guide – provides you with average costs in your area for any type of home project
  • Resource Center – full of articles, home tips & tools to help you plan, get inspired, or get started on your next home project
  • 24/7 Emergency Repair Support – instantly connects you to an available home service professional for emergency repairs 24/7.
  • And more great features coming soon!
3.  How do I get to HomeAdvisor online?

Starting at the end of September, you can go directly to, which will be the new web address for HomeAdvisor going forward.

4.  How will my existing ServiceMagic account/membership be affected by this change?

You will still be able to use your existing ServiceMagic login and password to access HomeAdvisor. You can access your account by visiting and clicking on "My Account" in the top right corner of the page. All of your account information will remain the same and you will still have access to your list of service professionals.

5.  I currently use the ServiceMagic mobile app. Is there a new HomeAdvisor mobile app?

Your ServiceMagic mobile app will continue to work, but you won't see the new HomeAdvisor logo until you update the app to the new version. You will not lose any information by updating your app. The only change you will notice is the HomeAdvisor logo. Everything else will remain the same.

To update the app on the iPhone, open the iTunes App Store and tap the 'Updates' icon at the bottom of the screen.

To update the app on your Android device, open Google Play. Press the 'Options' button on the top right of the app and select 'My Apps'.

Once the app update is available at the end of September you'll be able to select the update for HomeAdvisor and update your apps.

6.  How can I reach HomeAdvisor after this transition?

You can still reach us at the same customer service number, (866) 888-6244 or email us at

7.  I receive emails and newsletters from ServiceMagic. Will I still receive them from HomeAdvisor?

Yes, however emails will start coming from, so make sure you check your junk/bulk email folders during the transition and add our email address to your "safe senders" list. Learn how. Your emails will have a lot more to offer, including a new design, articles with local project cost information, do-it-yourself tips and ideas & inspiration for all kinds of home improvement projects.

8.  Will HomeAdvisor charge for its services?

Absolutely not! HomeAdvisor will be completely free to use just as ServiceMagic was.

9.  Will HomeAdvisor have the same service professionals in their network as ServiceMagic?

Yes, our network of pre-screened and highly qualified service professionals will remain the same. We are always expanding our network, so we will continuously add qualified new service professionals to our network, offering you more options in your local area.

10.  Will HomeAdvisor continue to screen service professionals before allowing them in their network?

Yes, HomeAdvisor still holds service professionals to the same standards that ServiceMagic did. All HomeAdvisor pros must pass the rigorous screening process, which includes criminal and financial background checks as well as confirmation of state-level trade licensing. We will continue to provide the most comprehensive screening process for home service professionals in the industry.

11.  Can I still get free access to the directory of service professionals with ratings and reviews?

Of course! Everything HomeAdvisor offers to homeowners is completely free.

12.  Are the ratings and reviews on from customers that have actually used the service professionals?

Yes, we verify that our ratings and reviews come from customers who have actually used the service professional. There are no bogus reviews that have been planted by the service professional themselves or by their competitors. This way you can get the neighborly advice that you are looking for.

13.  Can I be assured that the service professionals that HomeAdvisor connects me with are still in business and available to do work when I need it?

We can guarantee that the service professionals are still in business and willing to take on new projects. We do encourage the service professionals to call you right away, but sometimes they can't get to you right away.

14.  Will HomeAdvisor still connect me with up to 4 service professionals?

Yes, we try to match you to 4 service professionals so that you can get multiple quotes so you get the best price. Depending on availability of service professionals who are qualified to complete the work you need done in your local area, there may be times when you are matched with fewer than 4 professionals.