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by Jon Nunan

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Whether it's because of a rouge tree branch or a line drive from your neighborhood's Mike Schmidt in training, from time to time, windows break. Even those that aren't broken might need to have the glass replaced to reduce heat transfer. Yes, in Philadelphia, windows can take any form from the 21st century back to the 18th century. Since there are so many different kinds of windows (and so many different methods of fixing their problems), it is important to know what's out there before you commit to any one option.

Philadelphia Window Replacement Alternatives
In some areas of Philadelphia, window replacement is often done not because of a crack in the glass, but because of other gaps and drafts. Sometimes these problems can be fixed without replacing the entire window, letting you keep the classic look of your home intact.

To really maintain the look of the original window, you might decide that storm windows are the way to go. Installing storm windows is nice for vintage homes because it usually isn't necessary to alter the existing structure at all. The storm window is attached to the outside of the house, and it creates an air tight seal that will reduce the amount of heat that escapes the house through an old pane of glass and lessen the exchange of heat through gaps between the glass and the frame.

Weatherproofing is another alternative to window replacement that will preserve the appearance of the original window. Here, you find all the places where gaps exist and fill them in. This is a time consuming job, but it is inexpensive and will reduce heat transfer, especially if complimented with heavy curtains.

Philadelphia Window Replacement Benefits
We all know how high gas and oil bills can get in the winter, and installing new windows is one of the best ways to reduce that cost and make your living space more comfortable.

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In Philadelphia, window replacement is a good option for houses that aren't old enough to be considered "classic", but are still old enough to contain single paned glass and leaky wooden frames. Modern windows with double paned glass provide excellent insulation, and contemporary designs allow for easier cleaning. Window frames made of reinforced vinyl, composite, or vinyl covered wood hold up much better under the rain, sun, and snow heavy climate of Pennsylvania than their painted wood predecessors.

Philadelphia Window Replacement Pricing
Window replacement in Philadelphia can be a really expensive job. Replacing an entire window (frame and all) can cost over $1,000; it can be even more if it is a picture window. Anyone opting to replace multiple windows could end up spending as little as $3,000 or as much as $12,000.

As appealing as the idea of replacing all your existing windows is, be sure to check out how much it would cost to give those windows the repair they need to function well. To replace a piece of broken window glass is generally between $100 and $200. Those looking to install storm windows can expect to pay around $2,000 (for multiple windows). Hiring a contractor to fix a window frame will run between $300 and $800. If all that added together is anywhere near the cost of replacement, the value you add to your property could make up the difference.

Jon Nunan is a freelance writer who draws on his experience in construction, ranging from landscaping to log home building, for his articles on home improvement.