Oriental Rug Cleaning Services Near You

Oriental Carpet Cleaning In Your Area

Oriental rugs are a beautiful decoration, but they come into contact with a lot of dirt and stains. Unfortunately, regular steam cleaning doesn't penetrate deep layers of carpet fibers. It also leaves behind water that makes your rug damp and moldy. Whether you see visible stains or your rug is musty, find a local oriental carpet cleaning service that can restore it.

Good cleaning companies let you know their step-by-step process before they get started. Look for local services that:

  • Dust and wash your rugs by hand to minimize wear.
  • Inspect your rugs for dye bleed and worn patches.
  • Block out your rug to correct shrinkage or stretching.
  • Can repair and replace damaged fringe.

Local companies can pick up and deliver your freshly cleaned rug faster. Type in your zip code and HomeAdvisor will connect you with oriental rug cleaning companies in your area.

"Bryan was very knowledgeable about the stains in my carpet. He acknowledged that one particular stain has worked its way into the interior part of the carpet and would likely work its way to the top of the carpet again over time. Eventually, with multiple cleanings, the stain would be gone. I appreciated the facts. He was friendly, efficient and did a great job."

--5.0 star review from Mary S. in Twin Falls ID