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How Much Do Corian Countertops Cost To Install?

Typical Range: $2,200 - $5,000

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Average Corian Countertop Prices

Corian countertops cost between $42 and $65 per square foot, depending on the color, texture or style you choose for you kitchen and bathroom. This does not include labor costs for installation. Most homeowners spend about $3,490 total to have Corian counters professionally installed. Labor is typically about $73 per hour. As mentioned, DuPont offers over 100 colors and styles of Corian. DuPont updates their collection to reflect new trends in the countertop industry. As of 2015, they are currently offering:

  • Illumination: includes Arctic Ice, Glacier Ice and Mint Ice
  • Metallic: includes Bronzite, Sorrel, Aqualite, Silverite and Graylite
  • Private Collection: Their largest collection consists of Seafoam, Witch Hazel, Whipped Cream, Clam Shell, Sandalwood, Tumbleweed, Ecru, Saffron and more.
  • Terra: This collection, showing off the many colors of the earth, including such hues as Antarctica, Sahara, Mojave, Matterhorn and Pine -- to name a few.
  • Healing: This assortment has choices like Rice Paper, Burled Beach, Aztec Gold, Cocoa Brown, Cinnabar and many others.
  • DeepColor Tech: All of these are dark Corian countertops, with choices like Deep Anthracite, Deep Night Sky, Deep Caviar, Deep Storm and more.

They also have a new colors selection that includes many bright hues like absolute beige, royal red, deep espresso and others. Corian does not come in grades, but rather thicknesses. The thicker the material, the higher the cost. The thickest material is the most durable and resistant to any kind of damages. However, thinner types of Corian countertops are more affordable for most homeowners. Thicknesses of Corian material include .25, .5, and .75 inches.

If you want more information, contact a countertop professional today.

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What is Corian?

Corian is one of the most popular types of solid surface countertops. It has many advantages over other materials, including granite and quartz. Some of the highlights of Corian, which is made by DuPont, include:

  • It's available in many colors and styles
  • It complements other kitchen materials like stainless steel, glass, and wood
  • It's non-porous to prevent stains
  • With some cleaning, there won't be any mold, mildew, or bacteria growth because it has no crevices

If you aren't sure about whether to install Corian or another material, here are some things to know about how advantageous Corian is, especially compared to granite, laminate, or polyester solid surface countertops. While Corian is a bit more expensive to install, it pays back quickly with:

  • Easy maintenance and cleaning, as compared to granite & laminate
  • Sound absorption, which none of the other materials have
  • A long life cycle, which only polyester has without high maintenance costs
  • A seamless appearance, which none of the materials have

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Installation - What to Expect

If you decide to invest in installing Corian counters, know the installation process ahead of time. It could save you time and money with a countertop contractor. Here is the general recognized process for how Corian countertop installation works:

#1 Sketch the counter area

Whether you install Corian countertops in the kitchen or bath, make a sketch of the countertop layout. If you're installing counters in your kitchen, indicate where the sink, stove, dishwasher, fridge and other immovable appliances are. Also include any inlays or edge treatments. If you are installing counters in the bathroom, include drawings of your sink, vanity, bathtub and shower or wall surround.

#2 Measure the counter space.

Using a ruler, measure the length and width of your current counter space. You will need to know this when going to a retailer. You can also have a contractor come out and measure the space if you're uncertain. Having these numbers ahead of time, though, might save you some money. Note: In your bathroom, you need to be aware of doors and other areas like your bathroom and sink. You don't want the counter to hinder movement. Include in the sketch the space between the counter and those areas so the contractor is aware.

#3 Find a DuPont retailer.

Some local home improvement stores will have DuPont included in their stock. Other mom and pop stores will be the place to find DuPont Corian. You should look on DuPont's site to find a local retailer. Make sure to take your measurements with you so they know what they're working with when showing you the different options. You can also call in a contractor who has access to Corian countertops and provide them with the measurements.

#4 Let the pros work.

Once you find a retailer who has Corian, they will send in a professional to double-check your measurements and then cut the countertops. If you are replacing an existing countertop, ask about how much that will cost in additional to the installation. Then they will come in, install the counters, and move any of your appliances if necessary. There will be a deposit involved most times with this process. Make sure you cover the full installation process and associated costs before you begin the project.

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What Will This All Cost?

On average, you're going to pay around $3,490 to have the Corian countertop installed. This includes the cost of materials, labor and time on the part of professionals. Corian countertops are relatively easy to install compared to other types of countertops. On average, it costs about $73 per hour in labor, which rolls into the total cost. This could increase, though, if there are any complex designs or cuts required to help it fit around appliances, edging, backsplashes or other pieces in a kitchen or bathroom. Finishing edges could also increase the cost of labor. You might also pay additional costs if countertop contractors have to remove the old countertop first.

For an exact quote, get in touch with a professional.

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What Are Corian Countertops?

What is Corian? What is it made of? What are your options? Corian countertops are a cross between laminate and granite and are considered the cousin to other solid surface countertops. It's made by DuPont, who also makes Zodiac quartz countertops. DuPont has been around for about 200 years serving the "agriculture, nutrition, electronics and communications, safety and protection, home and construction" markets -- to name a few -- according to their site. Some other aspects of Corian include:

  • It's very durable.
  • Comes in various colors and styles -- over 100 colors (yellows, browns, white, black, etc.)
  • The pattern is consistent and won't come off over time.
  • If your countertop is damaged, it can be renewed.
  • You can complement it with a backsplash of the same material.
  • It can resist stains and most mold or mildew growth because it's non-porous.
  • It's easy to remove nicks and scratches with sandpaper.
  • It isn't affected by humid conditions.

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How to Take Care of Your Corian Countertop

Caring for Corian countertops is relatively easy given their non-porous surface. Most times, all you have to do is use ammonia-based household cleaners or countertop cleaners found in local stores. Do not use window cleaners, though, because they leave a waxy buildup that takes the sheen off the counter. Some tips for cleaning Corian include:

  • Using soapy water or ammonia-based cleaner to remove any dirt and residue
  • Cleaning up spills before they dry to prevent hard water marks
  • If you have hard water marks, use a cleaner specified to remove them from a local store
  • For any hard-to-remove debris, use DuPont's deep cleaner and follow its instructions
  • To disinfect Corian, wipe it down with a mixture of bleach and water and dry.

Always keep Corian countertops dry. Otherwise film starts to build up on the countertop's surface and makes it look uneven. Never leave any kind of spill or mess for very long. Note that darker shades require more maintenance than lighter shades because of their finish as well. They will show scratches more easily, but it's not hard to refinish the top layer.

Heat Damage

Although Corian countertops are heat-resistant, try to avoid direct heat on the countertop when possible. Never put a hot pan on the counter. Use a pad or heat trivet. If you can, put a heat trivet underneath your toaster oven. If you have a Corian sink, think about letting your hot pans and pots cool off before depositing them in there.

Other Types of Damage

Corian counters are relatively easy to repair, but that means more money spent by you (see the average cost to repair countertops). Instead, take preventative measures when possible to avoid these costs. Here are some tips:

  • Keep paint removers and other chemicals away from your Corian counter. If they are spilled on the surface, throw water on it immediately.
  • Never cut on Corian countertops. Use a board.
  • Avoid boiling water on Corian countertops or sinks. While it can't damage the countertop, per se, it does wear down on the finish.

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Corian countertops come with a 10-year limited warranty from DuPont for the material. There will be a separate warranty from the installer for any problems, and those will vary from installer to installer. DuPont's warranty stipulates they will not cover damage caused by mishandling, misuse, damage from excessive heat or exposure to weather conditions, physical or chemical abuse or acts of nature. Check with your installer about the coverage of their warranty and be sure that your countertop warranty is registered with DuPont in case something happens.

Note the terms "excessive heat," "physical or chemical abuse" or "acts of nature" are worth keeping in mind when you use or maintain your countertop. DuPont will not cover marks left by hot pans or pots put on a Corian countertop. They will also not cover any marks or damage done by improper cleaning materials (ex. window cleaner) on your countertop. You also probably shouldn't install Corian countertops as part of your outdoor kitchen. For more information on what's covered or not covered in the DuPont warranty, click here.

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