How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Dryer?

Typical Range:

$100 - $430

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Updated September 27, 2022

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The cost to repair a dryer ranges between $100 and $430, or an average of $180. Like many other appliance repair costs, how much you actually pay depends on the type of repair, the appliance brand and model, and job conditions. Most dryer repairs require hiring a technician to come and complete the job for you.

Cost to Repair a Dryer by Part

Dryers have many components that can suffer from faults or failure from time to time and require repair. Some of these components cost more to fix or replace than others. Usually, the most expensive repairs include the heating element, motor, and drum. Less costly tasks include repairing the bearing, door, and broken belt.

Faulty Dryer Part Average Cost Range to Repair
Heating element $150 –$250
Drum $150 – $500
Belt $100 – $200
Bearing $75 – $150
Roller $50 – $100
Timer $50 – $100
Door $50 – $100
Motor $150 – $250
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Heating Element

Fixing a dryer’s heating element ranges between $150 and $250. The main sign of a damaged heating element is clothes not drying after a washing cycle. Sometimes, you might need to buy a new heating element. The average dryer heating element cost is between $40 and $100 but can go as high as $200 or as low as $30, depending on the type of dryer. 


Repairing your dryer drum costs between $150 and $500. If damage to your drum is beyond repair, a new one will set you back between $300 and $450.

The drum is the part of the dryer where you place the clothing. During a drying cycle, it spins around to distribute the heat evenly among your clothes and prevents them from bunching up. A damaged drum can increase the risk of fire, so make sure to call a local appliance repair pro promptly if you notice a problem with yours.


The cost to repair a dryer belt ranges between $100 and $200. Belts form part of a pulley system in your dryer that rotates the drum. The culprit could be a broken belt if your drum isn't rotating. 


Repairing bearings in a dryer costs $75 to $150 on average. Bearings help the dryer’s drum spin smoothly by reducing friction. If your drum makes a grinding sound when spinning, it could be a sign of worn-out bearings.


Fixing a dryer roller will set you back about $50 to $100. The rollers are located at the back of the dryer and hold the drum in the proper position as it rotates. A scraping or squealing sound from your dryer as the drum spins can signify damaged rollers.


The average dryer repair cost for a faulty timer is between $50 and $100. The timer tracks the cycling time and turns the dryer off once the time elapses. If your timer is faulty, the dryer will turn off before the cycle is complete.


Fixing a dryer door costs $50 to $100 on average. If your dryer door won’t close or latch correctly, the cause might be a broken door latch, which an appliance technician can easily fix and get it working again in as little as an hour.


Repairing your dryer's motor costs between $150 and $250. The motor powers the drive belt that spins the drum. If the motor hums instead of tumbling when you press the start button, your motor is likely faulty and in need of repair. 

If you need to buy a new motor, it’ll cost you $150 on average, though you can get an aftermarket model for around $60. If your project takes longer or the technician needs to drive a further distance, prices could easily reach $400 or more.

If your motor is the issue, it’s best to contact a dryer repair company near you to get an estimate. Projects leaning toward $400 or more might mean it’s best to replace this appliance instead of repairing it.

Also, during the repair, the technician will have to remove the drum to get to the motor, so if you have an older dryer, it may be more cost-effective in the long run to replace other parts such as the belt, dryer, and motor at the same time. This could add around $50 to your total cost.

Other Parts

Your dryer may also malfunction due to a failure or wearing out of parts other than those listed above. Below are a few of these other parts that could experience issues. Note that depending on the nature of the problem, you might need to replace rather than repair a part.

Faulty Dryer Part Average Cost Range to Repair or Replace
Thermal fuse $80 – $130
Dryer thermostat $100 – $260
Coil $150 – $300
Vent $75 – $150
Door switch $50 – $150
Filter $50 – $75

Gas vs. Electric Dryer Repair Cost

Gas dryers typically cost about $50 to $100 more to repair than electric dryers. These appliances are less common than their electric counterparts and, as such, are harder to find parts for. They also typically require specialist technicians to complete even the most basic repairs. 

If you have a gas clothes dryer that needs repairing, get an estimate from a gas appliance repair specialist near you.

Labor Costs to Repair a Dryer

The average dryer repair pro cost is about $50 to $100 per hour. You might also have to pay a service charge of about $50 to $80. However, a technician might waive this fee if you fix it with them, especially if they can diagnose and repair the problem.

Some technicians offer flat-rate fees for certain repairs. Before scheduling a repair, ask your technician how they charge and what you can expect to pay.

DIY vs. Hire a Professional to Fix a Dryer

Without training and experience, you probably won’t know where to start looking when your dryer malfunctions. You might not also have the right tools on hand, so you’ll either have to improvise or go out looking for them. 

On the other hand, a local appliance technician will arrive with the necessary experience, tools, and even the parts needed to complete the job. Simply put, it’s faster and more efficient to work with a professional when it comes to dryer repairs.

It’s also important to check if your dryer is still under warranty. If it is and something breaks, call the appliance company to get the costs covered. Fixing it yourself may void the warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth repairing a dryer?

Whether you should repair a dryer depends on its age and the quoted price of repair. For example, if the appliance is still below the life expectancy given by the manufacturer, it may be worth repairing.

Use the 50% rule: If the cost of repairing your dryer exceeds 50% of the cost of a new dryer, you’re better off buying a new one. Installing a new dryer costs between $300 and $2,000.

How many years does a dryer last?

Dryers have a life span of eight to 12 years on average. Whether your dryer actually lasts that long depends on how often you use it and how well you maintain it. To keep your dryer in top shape and ensure it doesn’t break down prematurely, schedule an annual maintenance service. The service can include cleaning the dryer hoses and vents. Cleaning dryer vents cost between $100 and $180.

What causes a heating element to burn out in a dryer?

Heating elements in a dryer usually burn out if they overheat. A technician can help you identify the cause of overheating, but in most cases, it’s usually down to a lack of airflow, power surges, and faulty shut-off switches. Regular and correct duct maintenance, installing a surge protector, ensuring the circuit isn't overloaded, and replacing any broken switches can help keep your heating element from overheating and, by extension, burning out.

What happens if a dryer belt breaks?

If the dryer belt breaks, the drum will no longer turn around and clothes won't dry properly, even if other components operate normally. The belt connects the drum (the part of the dryer where you load your clothes that circles around) to a motor. The belt can break due to damage from heat and normal wear and tear due to extended use.