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How Much Does It Cost To Clean Walls & Ceilings?

Typical Range: $170 - $476

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Choosing a good cleaning service for your walls and ceilings takes a little time and thought ahead of time. When you bring someone into your home for a one-time cleaning, or for regular service, you will want to know all the costs up front. The average homeowner spends around $323. Here are a few things that will put the cost of your wall and ceiling cleaning at the high end of what most homeowners pay - between $170 and $476.

the average cost to clean walls and ceilings is $335 or $100 to $850

It stands to reason that your wall and ceiling cleaning will be more expensive the more rooms you have in your home. However, most cleaning services will offer a better rate if you have this done more often rather than just once in a while. Talk to your professional cleaner about the possibility of setting up a cleaning schedule with them and how that might affect their rate

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National Average $323
Typical Range $170 - $476
Low End - High End $80 - $900

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What kinds of cleaning products do you like?

Think about the products that you want to be used by the cleaner in your home. Many people prefer environmentally-friendly, non-toxic products. If this is what you want, you need to be clear about this from the start. However, organic or non toxic products may be more expensive than your cleaner's normal products and so that could cause your costs to rise

Ceiling Height

Does your home have particularly high ceilings that will need the cleaning pro to be up on a ladder? Anything that involves any risk or extra inconvenience will end up costing you a bit more. Each professional will have their own costs associated with this, but make sure to discuss this ahead of time

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Do you have ceiling fans you would like to have cleaned while the pro is up there at ceiling height? Do you have very high shelving that you cannot reach that you would love them to dust while they are up there? These extras will add expense to the cleaning fees. Do not expect your pro to clean these things as part of the job if you haven't discussed this with them ahead of time, and you don't want to get stuck with a surprise bill at the end!

How dirty are your walls and ceilings?

If you haven't had your walls and ceilings cleaned in many years, especially in rooms like the kitchen where dirt and grease can be left on the walls without noticing for a long time, then there might be a lot more time involved the first time they are cleaned. The best bet is to ask the cleaning professional to come to your home and give you a price quote after they have seen your house. Any quote you get over the phone cannot truly gauge the amount of cleaning you may need.

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